Nancy Jardine views my casting methods.

Dear friend, Nancy Jardine invited us over to talk about one of the characters who didn’t appear in Shaman’s Drum but who is pivotal to Alchemy… that is why it was such fun doing a prequel, lots of new characters queuing up to be included. It was like auditioning. You can go and read the … More Nancy Jardine views my casting methods.


Delighted to announce the winners from the competitions during the on-line launch party for “Alchemy”. For the quiz – a signed paperback copy goes to Christine Nedhal     Riga – that’s who I was and Tim Taylor wins that prize which was an e-copy of the book. Rude Food – nothing could come close to … More PRIZES!


Re-posted from Jane Bwye’s blog with grateful thanks to her for asking me. Read it to find out more about the prequel to Shaman’s Drum, how it came into being and a glimpse of the plot Alchemy.


We all know them, don’t we? Those authors (other services are available) who post nothing on Social Media but their own publicity. Don’t worry – this isn’t one of my Do/Don’t rants. Self-publicity 101 – no, it isn’t. Promise. But you do know who I mean, don’t you? The ones who fly by, sprinkling the … More Principally…

It is nearly midnight but I have to disturb you all to show you these…   Which are the front and back covers of Alchemy, the prequel to Shaman’s Drum. I have never been so pleased with an artwork in my life.

Coming soon ….

My new novel “Alchemy” is due for release on 31st January and I’m thrilled about it. The prequel to Shaman’s Drum answers the questions readers were left asking – what enormous changes in infrastructure made it possible to ban established religion? Further, how could a Utopian dream turn into a nightmare. What are Riga and … More Coming soon ….