The Year of Change

Dear Readers, Friends of Iamo and Riga, I can feel big changes coming for 2018. With Shaman’s Drum already disappeared and Alchemy going the same way soon, this will be a wonderful opportunity to clean, tidy and re-paint the Guild. I’m planning on knocking through some walls, enlarging space and completely re-painting the exterior before … More The Year of Change

No tricks, just a TREAT

This isn’t the treat but you have to watch it to learn how to get it ……… There you go!  Answer the competition question as a comment below or PM me on Facebook and on Samhain (Halloween) I will announce the winner……. No magic – just fun!


Make a date with me! Tomorrow (Wednesday 6th Sept) at 12.00 UK time I shall be picking up the gauntlet my publishers, Crooked Cat Books,  threw down. They challenged their authors to do a Facebook live chat about their work and answer any questions readers / viewers might send in. So join me on FB I’ll … More HIGH NOON

STOP PRESS – 4 days only!

ATTENTION! For the next four days you can grab ecopies of Alchemy and Shaman’s Drum on Amazon anywhere for only 99cents / pence. Here are the link for Amazon international – will take you to whichever Amazon is nearest to you. Alchemy    Shaman’s Drum  


YULE LOVE THIS IDEA! We celebrate the Winter Solstice or Yule so as my gift to you readers I would like to present – for the two days of 22nd and 23rd December only…..Both books in the Alchemy series at 99p or cents each for an e-book. Come on, less than a cup of coffee? … More TWO DAYS ONLY

#BookReviews Two magical books: ‘Alchemy’ by Ailsa Abraham (@ailsaabraham) and ‘Bad Moon’ by Anita Dawes #TuesdayBookBlog

Source: #BookReviews Two magical books: ‘Alchemy’ by Ailsa Abraham (@ailsaabraham) and ‘Bad Moon’ by Anita Dawes #TuesdayBookBlog Thanks so much to Olga for this and I’m so pleased to be in such great company as Anita Dawes.