Forgotten Flower

With thanks to Miranda Kate for Week 79 She left us as she had always predicted, on the seashore at night, just as she herself had once been left so many years ago. I always went next door to my Grandmother’s cottage first thing, after breakfast, to take her milk and bread. That morning, the … More Forgotten Flower


I iz Jinjurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr wot came to live year cupple of leaf drops ago. I lived down rode with bendy family but likes Badgurrr and Otturrrr more, they not kik me. Here iz my not-real-mother bro Piston wot was found under hood of herself’s van so we is like bruvvers. I iz the hoodie an he … More Hawopurrrrrrrrrrrr


Will I ever listen to my own advice?   I have repeatedly written here and said in conversation that inspiration comes from ANY source and all that is needed is to put the request out into the Universe and the answer will come…from somewhere, somehow. I have not been on line much recently after a rather … More Facepalm!

Anti-Social Media

Many of you may know that this last year has been a bit of an uphill fight for me. My husband being diagnosed of Stage 4 cancer followed by a severe stroke, caused me to give up writing as I am too busy caring for him. Some of  you may not know as I believe … More Anti-Social Media

Bloody Limie

Speaking generally, I prefer animals to humans. Of course I know some people whom I adore just as those who say “I hate dogs” end up cuddling Lilydogge (which is why it is silly to make sweeping generalisations). I have also known people who are convinced that their child even looking at a dog or … More Bloody Limie


Below is a photograph of a sufferer of the newly-discovered condition which translates as furniture attraction. I may look as if I had been set on by a gang of thugs in the east end but all it took was two mugs, a small table and a little help from Lily-dogge. Nothing broken but a … More Spellexitis

Week 67

When I was officially a Maiden, witchcraft was a banned subject. We knew that the women of my family were all witches working for good or ill, as people deserved, but it was a word which would never be used. I studied under my mother and grandmother and learned to put the case before “Them … More Week 67