In the Beginning


Exploratory Vessel Earth to Base, over

Come in EVE.

Hi Astro Space Programme. I have deposited samples on the new planet. Further instructions? Over.

Thanks EVE. All vegetal and animal forms in place? Over


That fruit the Director said to mark with the Forbidden smell – is that done?


Broken comms, EVE – repeat.

Commander here, I left that task to Lieutenant Adams.  He placed the fruit with the others.

Thanks EVE – just ensuring I can tick all tasks done.

Affirmative ASP – all in place as instructed.

The Commander turned to her assistant  “You did mark that fruit as keep away, didn’t you? Ah well – no worries. What harm can a blasted fruit do? Let’s go home – Andromeda nebula please computer.”


7 thoughts on “In the Beginning

  1. A line used many times from the fifties, “….. and this is where the story really starts”. Used liberally in Spike Milligan “Goon Show” scripts.
    Of course, what could possibly go wrong?

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