Ginger gramps

GPI is jellus. Lily made out she is lookin after everyone and you all said nicies to her.

But who you fink is making all the kittens? Piston and Maigret have been to vet so not make babies but we all gone around villidge telling every cat that our place is good for food n cuddles.

Dis why we have so many friends. Some are my babies others are my pals an gurlfrendz. Not lots of homes so good to cats and not all dogs are kind like Lily. Mum n Dad are always ready with bowl of grub and pick up cuddle or stroke. An Mum have special yowl she do when giving us food …. is called “You gotta give a cuddle or two”

Just so you know it not Lily doing evvithing xxxx prrrrrrrrrrrr

5 thoughts on “Ginger gramps

  1. Purrrfectly alright Ginger. To be furrr, she do do a gud job.
    See you around soon, eh?
    Take it easy, keep warm. xxxx

  2. Fank you all – nose is result of fighting wiff not frends. I cant help it. Interesting cat ladies always come calling and Dad sed I not reeeeeeelly their cat I not to go to vet; Is true – I am own cat….. but I chooze to live here mainly. See you soon Nigel purrrrrrr

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