Having kittens

Lily-cropped  Hello Mumz frenz – here is Lily again!  I am using puter cos mum hav bad back and is looking aftur dad wot is not well and going vet a lot.

Me? I am looking after evvibuddi – taking hoomungs out for walks as is good for them, also being alarm on door when cats want in …. Mum not always hear when they knocking on door and need someone to bark ….. bit like men wiff parcels!

Wot i not unnerstan is how I keep making babies!!!!! It seem every time I go sleep there is new baby in house! An it always kitten – never puppy!!!!!!!But Mum give me wubbly head and say “New Lily babby” so I get to look after it.  No mind, keep me out of trouble and we make procession when going out with me n mum in front an gang of cats following. Wher is Hamlinn anyway?????



8 thoughts on “Having kittens

  1. ‘Allo Lily.
    What a busy day you have.
    As for Hamlin, or Hameln as it is, that’s a long way to go and it’s cold outside.
    Ask mummy to show you on Google Maps. It’s between Dortmund and Hannover, and they all in Germany.
    All the best Lily. You’re doing great. X

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