Catching up

Hello Friends. Come and grab a seat, pour a coffee, it’s on the stove and give Lily a quick cuddle, she’ll only pester you if you don’t. So I have been absent on FB and Twitter for a while following an unfortunate outburst by a rather sick woman.

No matter, that is all over and I can bring you all up to speed with Badger and his post- stroke recovery. He is doing OK. To say that his 80th birthday is next month I think he is doing marvellously.

As I am not needed to be at his shoulder every minute we have agreed that I can go back to writing which is great as I want to do the next in the military police boys’ series. I am buying Badger a large school bell with which to summon me if I am upstairs in my office and he needs me or is unable to shout.

 I am still needed to be here as he has wobbly moments and if he is going to hit the floor it is better that someone is around to phone for help.

We are quietly sharing around the jobs with me doing my best not to make him feel useless. I don’t know how much better he will get but as he is now is fine. The only prognosis he has had from his specialist is “the next one will kill you” – Gee that is nice!

I am looking forward to the future and have a feeling that next year is going to be a good one. My best wishes to everyone for the Festives xoxoxxoo 

8 thoughts on “Catching up

    1. Oh thank you so much. I’m not inspirational I just don’t like the alternative to keeping on keeping on ………. much as I like wurms I don’t want to go stay with them hahahhha

  1. It’s nice to catch up, Ailsa, and to hear that things are looking up. I know you never give up and neither does Badger. To a great holiday season and 2019! Big hugs!

  2. Bonjour Miss-chief!
    Great to see you’re going to be more mobile, and the Badger is going to be able to take back some of his own work.
    A school bell? I was thinking of a ship’s bell. Maybe not, he’ll be changing the watch every two minutes. Can you not pick up one of those bleepers that can be worn around his neck? Just a thought.
    Hey, the book is everything..
    So start already!
    Big love and gentle

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