Dislike? Avoid – advice!

Am I weird or what? If I dislike someone or something I react by avoiding it. I can’t expect everybody to be MY kind of people so if I can’t get on with them (rare), I just keep out of their way.

It’s a bit like food – I am not keen on meat so I don’t order it in restaurants. Get the idea? I just keep out of the way of what displeases me.

So why, on antisocial media do people hang around for years pretending to be pals and then suddenly hit you with what they really feel about you???? It hasn’t made me feel good and I can only assume that the person concerned wanted to hurt me badly and now feels good about it.

Do me a favour, everyone – if you find me unpleasant, unacceptable or just a git ….. get out of my blasted way. I don’t expect you to read my posts so sod off. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Dislike? Avoid – advice!

  1. Good morning Miss Chief!
    You still bugged about that scene?
    It does stick in the craw doesn’t it. Pff.
    Meanwhile I’m on the island doing the “Unlikely Santa” thing. It’s a real schlep now my sister’s moved to Yorkshire.
    Now then, anything in particular from the pre-Brexited island supermarkets? I can guess at some items. Looking to deliver this side of the New Year.
    Has your close encounter with the log burner improved? Furry children good? Furry part time mum good?
    I’m surmising Peter Badger is alright.
    See you all soon,

    1. Yes Nigel, it did get to me but we are all OK – animalmum busy, kids all doing their own thing and inviting friends in for dinner (somehow they never go home again!) so brood steadily bigger and bigger. Badger doing his own thing but not as wobbly as he was xoxoxoxo

  2. Life is too short for people to harbour differences on social media! It makes no sense for someone to remain friends with someone they don’t like only to tell them they don’t like them. These people aren’t worth it. You are xxx

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