Snout around door…….

Poking my nose out of the door is sometimes the most difficult thing I can do, especially when I have had a scary experience and been hurt. A good example is a road where I was attacked as a child and down which I couldn’t walk for years. I would take a long detour to the shops to avoid the site.

Being Bipolar, often it is just too scary to try going out until I am back to my cheerful self. This is why I have been away from Facebook for a while. I am determined to come back as I have dear friends who are asking after me.

Unfortunately when I tried to get into my account, all the spiteful and unkind remarks popped up in the conversation box. I didn’t want to remember how horrible that person had been to me and no, I am not going to post them here. Better people don’t know how vile that woman can be. I’ve blocked her so she can’t insult me again.

I am re-jigging my account and going through to make sure anyone else of whom I am not sure is out of my company. Fully armed, body-armour on and……………back in I go! 

11 thoughts on “Snout around door…….

  1. Good to know that you are up and working through this problem.
    You’ll be running marathons soon enough. How’s your tummy doing? Should be healing nicely by now.
    News from here. Picked up my new passport last Saturday, ID card tomorrow
    I ‘ve beaten the Brexiteers to my own Brexit. Hahahahahahaaaa!
    Gentle squeezes going your way.

    1. Well done on the ID – my tummy is still scarred to hell but using healing cream on it. Marathons? Been married 3 times – how much more do I have to suffer????

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