Forgotten Flower

With thanks to Miranda Kate for Week 79

She left us as she had always predicted, on the seashore at night, just as she herself had once been left so many years ago.

I always went next door to my Grandmother’s cottage first thing, after breakfast, to take her milk and bread. That morning, the emptiness hit me like a wall of fog as I entered. Only seven years old I may have been but I knew she had gone to the beach to find my grandfather. My eyes were drawn to his portrait over the fireplace, his fierce warrior’s face slightly askew as if she had reached up to kiss it before leaving. 

How well I knew the story. Only recently married and carrying my father in her belly, she had stood on the shore smiling and waving bravely as my grandfather, young, handsome and beloved, had sailed away with his comrades to find fortune. She watched until the boat was out of sight before allowing her tears to fall.

I knew exactly where she would have gone and on the beach I found the flower, dropped abandoned as my grandmother had been so long before. He had promised to come for her – Wait for me by the sea and carry a flower to show you still love me. Neither of them had forgotten.

I kissed the petals of the flower and looked into the rising sun. I should miss her but how lovely that they would be together once more, young and handsome again and so much in love…..

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