Cats call

Hello Auntie’s mates, I am Jin Jurr  wot she hav spoken of. Piston is ritin this for me cos Englitch not my human meow. In the picture I am outside being sad.

Y am I sad you arsk. Well Uncle is much better wot is good fing but Auntie who is Piston’s Mum is not good. She been to vets and tole him she was nearly head explode quean  Cos she is sick with fall asleep illness wot is not a problem for cat but she is hoomung.  She can nod off quicker than us and is tired not just comfy.

She is sad becos she been bizzi lookin after all of us and giving grub in bowls and to Uncle too. I gave her head bumps and cuddles to cheer her up and she went wubbie wubbie on my head with her snout but still sad. She tole me she had managed everything and kept it all going but she had bandund her pals. An she fink her mates not love her no more.

Piston say that this be her pals in this box cos she not used box for long times cept to look up nursing tips. So I am arsking you all to be her mates agen when she contack you. It not her fawlt she been absunt and she cry when she think about how she not got messidges.

Fank you and I go put her paws on this box so she get in sniffin distance of yoo all.

Yours sinpurrly

Jin Jurr

PS Spelling mistakes quite deliberate – love Piston xxx

Still luv Mummy cuddles



11 thoughts on “Cats call

  1. Nice to meet you, Jin Jurr and Piston. We love your auntie but know life has got a bit complicated for her right now. But we have not forgotten her. Big hugs, Ailsa, and the whole troupe. ♥

  2. Now then Jin Jur. Howz you doin’, eh? Purrrrrr and all a tha’.
    I’ll be down to see you all as soon as, still too many workmates on holiday and I’m filling in so many extra shifts. It’s cra-azy man. Keep on with the head bumps. You may not get too much reaction, pal, but I know she loves them.

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