Heading on …

As I have announced it to my colleagues, I will make it official.

This is an enormous shout-out to Laurence and Stephanie of Crooked Cat Books and to all my lovely author colleagues with whom I have laughed, cried and banged my head on the wall for a few years now. At the end of June, Attention To Death will disappear and I will no longer be a Cat.

Yes, this is sad but, given how many times I have changed jobs, career-paths and even countries in my life, hardly surprising.

My home life has taken a turn for the “interesting” and I am not going to be able to write (I mean this in the context of “may you live in interesting times” rather than fascinating!!)

I’ve worked in many odd places with strange teams but Crooked Cat has been one of the most adorable. I am leaving with great memories of supportive owners and authors. S and L have been the most patient and helpful publishers and I could not have wished for a better team with whom to work.

It’s better to leave with good memories than stick around until sadness occurs.

My new job of full-time carer and nurse for Badger is proving different and I am sure I will get the hang of it eventually.

I will try to be around and visible on Facebook for those who wish to keep in touch and some of you have my email.

Heigh ho and onto my steed, off into the sunset!

18 thoughts on “Heading on …

  1. Ah well, eh?
    More time for you to deal with the Badger.
    Need not be every minute of the day though. Use those moments to run off some storylines and plots. Flesh them out as and when the pieces come to mind.
    You’ll know what to do with them as and when.
    Meanwhile, see you all soon.

    1. Will get my time management skills sorted out eventually and of course, Nanny Ab is noting things down for future use! Do come and see us again whenever you like – adoring your jams!

  2. I’m sorry to hear you are retiring. I have enjoyed your blog for a fair few years now but I do understand how comprehensively caring for someone screws up a person’s creative mojo. It’s why I haven’t brought out a book for 3 years and why I probably won’t for another 4. But Nigel, commenting just before me makes a good point. It might be worth keeping a notebook handy and writing the odd thing down. Your next book might be about being a carer but you’ll probably find that writing something, every now and again, with no pressure, and no deadlines, is cathartic. Also, if you’re like me, you can’t not write, so it’s a case of taking the pressure off yourself so you only experience the good aspects while you’re doing it.

    Best of luck and God/Goddess bless! 😉



  3. Blessed Be, dear friend – thanks. Once my head is on straight and I know what I’m doing (apart from tearing off on my motorbike to blow the cobwebs away) I will see about noting “funny things wot happened”.

  4. Thanks to all – I think we are all here to help each other and this is just another stage in that process. I’ll maybe have some spare time to help authors out sometime xoxoxoox

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