New and old

This is one of my first entries concerning nursing my husband through his terminal cancer but don’t run away, it will be honest but not sad (often funny if it is like our usual life).

I have dedicated my life at the moment to seeing him out happy. That is basically – no matter how long or short a time he has left, we will do what makes him glad. He has always liked the Mediterranean Sea and loves the Bon Repos Campsite in Santa Susanna, Spain.    We have been faithful clients for 20 years to the point when a disaster hits us, I can ring and get “Oh sure, Elise, no problem. come on over.” (even when my request is out of their normal rules)!

I coped with his diagnosis by coming down with pneumonia, bronchitis and worsening ME (chronic fatigue syndrome) which doesn’t make me a brilliant co-driver!

So as soon as I could stand up he said he wanted to be sure to see the Med again before he departs. We shoved everything in the caravan and Renault van, made sure I wasn’t needed to drive and pushed off.

I understand his wish to revisit all the places where he has had fun in his life: on holiday, in the Royal Navy or travelling around Europe with various wives, friends and family. It would not be fun to do it alone so someone has to trog along to listen to the endless stories of what they got up to there. Also, it is very useful to have enough time to go and say goodbye to peeps who have become friends over the years.

The only bad bit was the macho twonk who runs the English School there. OK, I was a professional language teacher and I don’t approve of anyone with a duff accent teaching a language. This twerp thought it OK to stand within a few feet of our caravan and scream his head off at his teenage employees. When I indicated that this wasn’t acceptable behaviour it caused the girls to laugh at him. So he came over and tried to threaten me. Oh no – not a Weegie Otter, you don’t, Spaniard-in-the-works! So I told him exactly what I thought of him, earning myself a warning that he would have us thrown off the campsite.

The ladies in reception who have known me for a long time wouldn’t dream of it and I never saw Macho man again – Pity as I wanted to shout “Oi! Still here, mouth almighty!”

I am delighted to be home again and don’t feel like travelling again soon. Badger had a couple of mini strokes while we were away and I don’t feel very secure doing it. We will see.


11 thoughts on “New and old

  1. Hahahahaaa!
    You know how to liven up a party!
    Absolutely right of course.
    Had a run-in with immigration at Portsmouth over a Czech lass riding shotgun with me. He tried asking her questions. What language did I use? German. Oh good, he has an A-level GCE in German, oral.
    No, she just laughs. I go sit in to assist and he’s like the Gestapo. We’re both laughing! I said we have to leave now as I have work to do. Enough panto, sonny.
    Keep it up, Mistress. Soon…..

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