Hi Heidi!

My guest today is Heidi Catherine – another Crooked Cat writer and I am sure she is going to be frozen!

Whoa! It’s a bit cold here. Hi Ailsa. So lovely to meet you. Do you have an extra coat for me please? I’ve gone from summer in Australia to winter at Bingergread Cottage. I had to wrap the magic carpet over my shoulders when we flew over Iran, which steered me off course. So sorry I’m late. These are my two dogs, Trixie and Willow, who go everywhere with me. Trixie! Stop nipping Ailsa. Go and play with Lilydog.

Hello Trixie, you’re OK, I’ve been nipped all my life. Welcome Heidi. I thought I’d put a wrap on the carpet. First off – what would you like to drink? I’d normally have a coffee at this time of day, but since I’ve just survived my first ride on a magic carpet, I’m going to need to ask for an extra large glass of champagne please.

Ooo locally made Champenois fizzy – just the job! My neighbour grows the grapes. Get close to the stove and warm up. I have all kinds of home made cake, jam, bikkies etc – choice?

Do you happen to have any birthday cake?

Well I have Christmas cake which is very similar – here, have a slice Let’s start with your books – do you write under just one name or several? How many genres do you cover? How much have you had published including anthologies etc?

I only write as Heidi Catherine. I’ve had four short stories published with Romance Writers of Australia and one short story published by Simon & Schuster in an anthology about disadvantage in the community. The Soulweaver is my first published novel, although I’m hoping it will be the first of many! I’ve also recently self-published a short story, which is a prequel to The Soulweaver. It’s called The Moonchild and is available for free on Amazon as a little bit of a ‘taste test’ for readers. Hopefully it tastes as good as this birthday cake!

How long have you been writing professionally? I imagine that, like all of us, you wrote all your life before “turning pro”.

I have a marketing background and was a freelance copywriter and proofreader for many years, but eventually grew frustrated reading and writing for other people, when all I really wanted to do was write for myself. I stopped freelancing a few years ago to focus on my own writing projects. My productivity and writing success have soared since then (in direct disproportion to the plummeting of my income…)

What was your first published work? Short story, magazine article, poem?

It was a short story called My Moonstone Love, which I wrote as part of an annual competition for Romance Writers of Australia, with the winning entries published in an anthology. I’ve entered the competition in the three years since then and somehow have been lucky enough to be a finalist each time. I recently re-named this first published story to Arianna’s Wish and I give it away on my website when people subscribe to my newsletter. It’s about a moonstone that has special powers and when placed under your pillow on the night of a full moon, it will draw your one true love into your life.

What are your ambitions / hopes for your writing career?

Like most writers, my hope is to share my work with as many readers as possible. With The Soulweaver I’d really love it if the story encouraged people to think about what they believe is possible in the afterlife. I’ve written two more books in the series and am hopeful they’ll be published too. Each book is quite different, yet they all tie together. I’ve also written a couple of middle grade novels and two crime novels that I’d like to get out there one day. So lots of hopes and ambitions, and not enough hours in the day to fulfil them, so I’m having to practise being patient!

Now on to you, the author. Where do you live and with whom? Describe a perfect day at home for me. (Where else have you lived?)

I live in Melbourne, Australia, with my husband and two sons. And Trixie and Willow, of course. I’ve lived in Melbourne all my life, although I spend most of my weekends at the beach in the Mornington Peninsula, which is about an hour out of town. My perfect day would be to wake up at my beach house and have a coffee with my husband on the deck, while watching a few ships go by. I’d then be left alone to spend a few hours writing, before taking the dogs for a walk with my family at the beach. A carload of my favourite girlfriends would then arrive and we’d eat pasta, talk, laugh and have a glass or three of wine, while watching the sunset. Of course this perfect day is at least 30 degrees Celsius until midnight. Speaking of which, have you got a blanket I could put on my lap please?

Do you have a “day job”?

No, apart from being a mother, which is a day, night and while-I’m-asleep kind of job. I’m very fortunate to be able to call writing my day job.

Outside of writing and any other work, what is your main passion (greatest pleasures?)

Definitely my children. As soppy as it sounds, nothing makes me happier than seeing them smile. I also love gardening, reading (of course!) and going for long walks. Sleeping is another great love of mine that I wish I could do more of!

Tell me two or three interesting facts about you that I haven’t asked.

I have a fascination with reincarnation, which is why I wrote The Soulweaver. Recently I had my past lives read and was told that I was an actor in black and white movies. I was also told that I was once a miner trapped underground. And apparently I was a dancer, which is fairly hilarious as I don’t have much rhythm in this life. Perhaps I used it all up in the last one!

What else? Oh, yes. Five years ago I watched a documentary on the meat industry and very accidentally became an instant vegetarian. I’ve always been an animal lover, but this complete change in lifestyle came totally unexpected to me. Watching television should come with some kind of warning!

Finally and most importantly – Bio and links please.

Heidi Catherine is a writer with a weakness for stories that encourage readers to see the world in a new light. Her debut novel, The Soulweaver, explores the possibility of loving the same souls over many lifetimes. This novel is the winner of Romance Writers of Australia’s Emerald Pro award and will be released by Crooked Cat Books on 19 January 2018, with pre-orders available now.

Not being able to decide if she prefers living in Melbourne or the Mornington Peninsula, Heidi shares her time between both places. She is similarly pulled in opposing directions by her two sons and two dogs, remaining thankful she only has one husband.  

Heidi loves to hear from readers and can be found at www.heidicatherine.com


The Soulweaver order link – myBook.to/thesoulweaver 

Amazon author page – http://www.amazon.com/author/heidicatherine

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/HeidiCatherineAuthor

Twitter – @heidicatherine

Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/heidicatherine

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