The Year of Change

Dear Readers, Friends of Iamo and Riga,

I can feel big changes coming for 2018. With Shaman’s Drum already disappeared and Alchemy going the same way soon, this will be a wonderful opportunity to clean, tidy and re-paint the Guild.

I’m planning on knocking through some walls, enlarging space and completely re-painting the exterior before opening the new edifice to the public. This is needed as some of the building was never completed before our first visits.

Then, of course,  we can extend the back, allowing the Black Shaman to move more freely in the wide world.

Consider this a temporary closure for renovations. Some of the Guild are in need of holidays (dealing with karma all day, every day is very tiring, as I know to my own cost), Iamo and Riga are rather busy “doing their own thing” so Dagda is planning some adventures of his own. In the fulness of time we will see how things pan out for everyone we have met so far.

So I’m asking you all to give me a short time while I have the builders in, before I announce a grand re-opening  when we’ll throw a party in the cloisters and parade ground.

Thank you all for your patience – The Scribe


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