What are friends for?

I’ve spoken on this blog before about how many friends I have in the medical centre, hospitals and our local pharmacy. Here is a funny that came up today.

Given a few centimes change in the chemist’s the other day I asked if they didn’t have a charity box. We got talking and agreed it would be a good idea. The pharmacist said “We could even buy ourselves a bottle of something for New Year!”  So I promised to make them their own collecting tin.

Short French lesson. The minions from Despicable Me are just as popular over here and pronounced nearly the same as the word “mignon” which means cute, sweet, lovable. I found a collecting tin with the minions on it and put a label on it. Not often a play on words works in two languages but as it’s all women in the shop I used mignonnes (the feminine plural form)

So here is the collecting tin I delivered this morning for the girls’ tips – why not?

6 thoughts on “What are friends for?

  1. I wonder if this isn’t some form of corruption going on in France?
    That’s brilliant, Mistress!
    I used to know someone whose middle name was Mignonne.
    Hmmm, math teacher. Bleh.

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