Til it happens….

Ask any woman what she would do if her partner hit her and you will probably get one of two answer – 1 bugger off smartish or 2 hit him back.

The funny thing is that I would have replied the same until it happened to me.

Abusers have a proven track record of making their vicims feel that it is their OWN fault. “look what you made me do” and they have already cut you off from friends, family and anyone else who might talk sense to the abused.

They also beg forgivenss the next day and assure you that it will never happen again. Wanting to believe that your relationship is not dead, the abused believes, accepts and makes up.

SILLY – once a basher, always a basher. Mine only stopped when I came back with a message from my GP – hit me again and you will be sectioned.

The really bad thing about being a “battered wife/husband” is the guilt – can I leave? Won’t that leave him/her friendless, alone and sick (they have to be sick to bash others); if it were an old sick dog or cat would I abandon them?

No – it isn”t easy but hang on – I’ll let you know how it works out. This isn’t the first time, husband number one beat me up – is it written on my forehead somewhere????

8 thoughts on “Til it happens….

  1. I’m here for you Ailsa, and it is never your fault. Like you say, an abuser is a tricky beast, but it’s not up to you to worry about how someone is if you leave.

    Blessings and light to you, my friend xxxx

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