Merle (yes it’s an L not a D!)

Welcome to the back garden this morning where I am listening in to a conversation between Angela Wren and her lead character Jacques Foret

Thanks for inviting me to your blog today.You’re both very welcome so please dig into the fresh coffee and pastries from the local baker.

I’ve brought my lead character, Jacques Forêt, with me and I hope you don’t mind if we take this opportunity to talk about his new case. Not at all, dying to hear about it.

I’m certainly very eager to hear what he has to say and I’m hoping that he might, perhaps to give away one or two juicy pieces of info about what has happened to him and Beth


AW  Welcome back Jacques, and youre not in uniform I see.

JF  Yes, thats right.  Ive left the rural gendarme service and I now work in investigation in Mende.

AW  So, just to recap on your career thus far.  You joined the police force in Paris as a detective until you were injured whilst on duty and then came to Messandrierre as a rural gendarme. 

JF   Thats correct.  It was after I recovered that I came here.

AW  So why the further change?

JF  I found I missed the intricacies of handling major investigations along with the thrill of solving such complex crimes.  My last case in Paris involved breaking a drugs cartel and Ive worked on cases involving people trafficking.  All very testing with many and varied leads to follow.  My current case means that I can use those skills again.

AW  And can you tell us anything about your new case?

JF  Its very different from my previous cases and involves commercial sabotage, but some the evidence is pointing to other types of crime.  The more I delve the more complex this case is becoming.

AW  How interesting.  Any suspects yet or dead bodies?

JF   Its early days.  I only picked up the investigation a week ago, but there are a number of suspects that need to be narrowed down.  There are also some lines of enquiry that are leading me to believe that there are other malpractices that need to be investigated which might mean there is fraud to be uncovered.  There are no dead bodies at the moment but if the evidence does lead me where I think it might, then yes, someone might have the motive to commit such a serious crime.  Naturally I will do all I can to ensure that doesnt happen.


AW  Of course.  Working in Mende, has that meant many changes for you here in the village of Messandrierre?

JF  Not really.  Im still the Policeman from Paris to everyone living here and I still seem to be the first person they come to when theres trouble.  Gendarme Thibault Clergue has taken my post here in the gendarmerie.  I dont want to tread on his toes so we work on things together when necessary.

AW  Back working in investigation, does that mean youre working with Magistrate Bruno Pelletier again?

JF  Not at the moment. I do sometimes bump into Bruno in the city, but if my case develops as I think it might, then I may need to involve him.  And I will do that as appropriate.

AW  When we first met I seem remember you saying that you would like to have someone to share your life with.’  Those were your precise words, I think.

JF  Ahh, I was wondering when you would get around to that!

AW  And you can tell us what?  The Readers do need to know, Jacques.

JF   I also remember telling you that it was complicated.  It still is But I know what I want Beth just has to make the right decision for her.  Moving to another country requires a lot of consideration.

AW  Are you saying that youve asked-

JF  Non!  And before you ask, I didnt say that I was moving to England either.  What I am saying is that, if Beth and I are to move forward then we both need to consider very carefully how we achieve that.

AW  Well, you may no longer wear uniform, Jacques, but you are ever the policeman!

JF   Perhaps

AW   And that smile of yours tells me everything.  Thank you, Jacques, for being here today.

You can read more about Jacques new case, the village and Beth in Merle[Link TBC], book 2 in the Jacques Forêt mystery series published on July 5th.

Blurb :

Jacques Forêt, a former gendarme turned investigator, delves into the murky world of commercial sabotage – a place where people lie and misrepresent, and where information is traded and used as a threat.

The Vaux organisation is losing contracts and money, and Jacques is asked to undertake an internal investigation. As he works through the complexity of all the evidence, he finds more than he bargained for, and his own life is threatened.

When a body of a woman is found, it appears to be suicide. But as the investigation takes another turn, Jacques suspects there is more to it.

Who is behind it all…and why? Will Jacques find the answer before another person ends up dead?

Merle – the second in a new crime series featuring investigator, Jacques Forêt.

Both mystery stories, set in France, are available from Amazon

3 thoughts on “Merle (yes it’s an L not a D!)

  1. Hi, Angela.
    Loved the first Jacques Foret book. (Note to self to do a review. Ok.)
    I shall be hitting up for this new episode in a few hours.
    I’ve been down that way several times to a timber yard at Langogne. Great people to work with, and the views are fabulous. (Also the source of the Loire, France’s longest river.)
    Note to Jacques, think positive with Beth. You can do this.

    1. HI Nigel, thanks for your comments and I’ll let Jacques know your thoughts when I next see him! Know what you mean about the fabulous views – it’s one of the many things that keeps me travelling back there. A review would be great, thank you.

  2. Hi Ailsa, thanks for letting us drop by earlier on today, it was great to be able to chat in the sunshine.

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