The Watcher Watched – Eli Carros

Coming in on the magic carpet today is my new Crooked Cat Colleague and pal Eli Carros who has a new release on 21st June

Hop on down and don’t mind Lily barking, she’s only saying hello. Feel free to ignore or fuss her as you feel comfy.

Pets Lily behind the ears and hops off the carpet, dusting himself down. “Sorry about the cake crumbs I couldn’t help but pick up a slice of Victoria Sponge when the carpet took me on an impromptu detour to Hever Castle.”

Don’t blame you! Come and sit down and let me serve you some of my Victoria Sponge. Gingerbread Rum with it? I do hope the trip was OK. How long did it take you and did you see anything interesting?

I think the magic carpet must have taken a fair bit of a detour because I got to see a few of the places I’ve been meaning to go to but keep putting off. We did the Jack The Ripper Tour through Whitechapel then had a lovely stop at Glastonbury Tor. Then we popped to Stonehenge before we whizzed off to Oxford and flew around the tops of the Colleges. Finally we zipped off to Hever Castle in Kent, to check out the castle and beautiful gardens. Anne Boleyn’s former childhood home did you know? All without even having to disembark. Bloody amazing, I feel like I got something for free.

Oh and we did see a naked man on our way back over to you, as we passed the Cerne Abbas Chalk Giant. I’m not quite sure what he was doing, but he was wearing only boots and seem to be dancing about and waving his arms. I know the place is famed for its supposed fertility inducing powers, so perhaps he was indulging in a kind of peculiar fertility ritual? Or maybe he just got a tad warm, we’ve had some lovely weather lately haven’t we? Come to think of it, he looked a little like that man over there in your garden, only without clothes…who is that by the way?

Oh he’s just the main character from two of my books. Don’t mention him to my husband, Badger, he can’t see him. Wow you have had your money’s worth from the carpet. It tends to pick up on the passenger’s interests. Those who are scared are brought here in no time. Now, the real business! Tell us all you want us to know about The Watcher, your new release.  

I must say, it’s lovely to see you Ailsa, it’s always nice to chat with a fellow Cat. Of course I’m on a rather shameless whirl of self-promotion at the moment as my crime thriller The Watcher’s due to be released on June 21st, by Crooked Cat Books.

It’s all quite exciting really, I’m rather nervous but eager to get it out there at the same time. I’m like an overly-vain child pleased as punch that its picture’s up there pinned to the fridge.

What was that that just brushed my leg? Was that you Ailsa, oh no wait, it’s a cat. *Reaches down and strokes the cat. This one’s not crooked though, have you ever seen a crooked cat? I think I’m digressing but…*Scoffs a mouthful of Victoria Sponge, spraying a few crumbs down himself then attempting to brush them off frantically. Oops sorry, this is a rather delicious sponge though, did you make it yourself or is it an M&S special?

All my own work and Piston is very crooked in his own way – he thinks he is a human and hates cats! He”s imprinted from being hand-weaned. There isn’t an M & S within a hundred miles of here. Anything Brit we fancy I have to make. I even do a mean Pork Pie although I’m vegetarian!

Anyway, I was inspired to write The Watcher because of my fascination with the strange and often violent things some people are capable of doing. The overriding question I attempted to answer when writing the work, and I think, the underlying theme of the book is, what kind of background, personality, and formative events shape a violent psychopath? Or are they just born that way?

I was also inspired by the urban landscape of London too, the way it sprawls and conceals, enabling complete anonymity. The perfect place for a devious killer to go unnoticed don’t you think?

If you are reading this and you happen to like crime thrillers, that are a rather dark and have lots of twists you might want to give The Watcher a whirl. To whet your appetite here’s the teaser trailer:

And if you like the look of that, why not come and join the mailing list because I’ll be sending out exclusive teaser chapters of The Watcher soon before the book officially releases on June 21st. Plus you can also get three of my dark and twisted short stories, so that’s a little bonus. If you like dark and twisted that is. Here’s where you can sign up:

My there is quite a bit of noise going on here isn’t there with all the farm equipment. What do you, erm, grow here Ailsa? Anything fun? Takes a rather large swig of Gingerbread Rum. Hic, sorry, oh and I should say, I’m having a party on the day of release to launch the book too. Do you like parties Ailsa?

I love parties and I’m especially fond of FB ones – I tend to man the disco and serve drinks, sometimes in silly costumes. We grow mainly cattle food around here and rape-seed for cooking oil. We also have quite a lot of cattle as this area is known for its diary produce.

You’re welcome to come, I’m going to be answering questions about the book, holding themed competitions, and giving away some goodies, including a £25 Amazon Giftcard. I thought that would be helpful because we all love to buy books don’t we?

Everyone’s invited to my party by the way, so if you’re reading this and you’d like to come, please do! Here’s your personal invitation to my launch event, and I’ll look forward to meeting you there:

I must say, what a lovely place you have Ailsa, thank you so much for having me and what a fantastic place for you to be able to sit and write your fantastic novels and short stories too. Your fab book Attention To Death, is on my next-to-be read list by the way, I downloaded the sample the other day to my Kindle. The title grabbed me and then the blurb reeled me in, so I had to try it. The first few chapters are extremely intriguing. Plus it has murder in it and I’m a bit of a crime fan. And I do like to keep up with what my fellow Crooked Cat Authors are doing.

It’s been a huge pleasure to have you visit and Lily would love you to come back if you continue to give her bits of cake. Looking forward to your launch party to which I’ll certainly come and your next launch when you will be invited back for another chatter in the back garden. Thanks so much for visiting.

The Watcher releases on June 21st by Crooked Cat Books. Find out more at and check out The Watcher and all the other fantastic books from Crooked Cat Authors at:

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