News from home

I’m writing this by way of re-assurance as some of my on-line friends are worrying about me. Please don’t – I never do.

What happened? Well I had a cardiac “incident” which was a bit sudden and scary. I ended up in hospital in Besançon for five  and my heart stopped seven times but they used the “stand clear” electric doofus to start it again which hurt like hell.

I now have atrial fibrillation which means my heartbeat is irregular and I have to rest a lot. Rest? I haven’t been this quiet since my three-week coma! Never mind, there is a cure. On 1st May I am going back to the same cardiac unit to have electrodes passed up my femoral artery and into my heart to do a major “jump-start” on it which should kill the fibrillation. My darling GP described it as me driving a car with every spark plug buggered.  They need changing and this will do it.

I’ll have to lie still for twelve hours to allow the entry to my artery to heal but should be sent home the next day. After that, apparently, I should be able to get back to my normal gadding-about self.

Before that, I have a mammography tomorrow (tits through the mangle) and on the 25th I have a chest scan (back to Besançon) for which I have booked my taxi.

Obviously it will take me a day or so to get over being in hospital again (it always does) but by the end of the first week in May I should be fine.

Being almost totally bed-bound has been weird for someone who spends so much time outdoors. I’ve become an expert on day-time TV and nearly addicted to NCIS. This will all  change soon enough and the weather should be better when I am home again.

So – I don’t want cards sent although huge thanks to everyone who has sent them so far. I would like you to send kind thoughts, prayers, healing vibes or whatever you believe in because I feel them. Knowing that you are all thinking of me is like a warm blanket wrapped around me and makes me feel much better.

Above all – DO NOT WORRY. It’s only my heart joining the same Trades Union as my brain and deciding it is 80 years old! Nanny is fine for a woman of her age!

Bless you all and thanks for caring xxxx

12 thoughts on “News from home

  1. Been thinking of you, and sending blessings for a fast recovery to your best state. (I’d say full recovery, but that will depend on what your body says “full recovery” means.)

    ::Slides back into lurker mode.::

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