Nancy is a Diamond!

Nancy Jardine

Coming in on the magic carpet now is my dear friend and fellow-Scot, Nancy Jardine.

I’m so excited to see her as it’s been a while since she was at the cottage although she was one of the gang who really helped me out at my latest book-launch. 

OK Nancy, just say “Down, boy!” and the Axminster will descend. Great!”

Hello m’dear. I have a couple of bottles of Malbec and some nibbles. I only discovered it when I was over in Surrey with my bereaved friend recently. I know you like it too so let’s dig in, you aren’t driving! Now, a wee birdie told me that you won a DIAMOND award. I’m not surprised, of course, because I’ve read all your work and it deserves that. Spill the neaps then, gal – tell us about it.

Hello, Ailsa. I’ll gladly have a wee glass of that Malbec, please, since it’s been a hectic week and it’s Wednesday! Now, as to the Diamonds…

Diamond is the word but it’s a Discovering Diamonds Review which is only awarded when the historical novel fulfils the site’s aim “… to publish honest reviews of good books written by good authors, and ‘award’ eye-catching logos to be used as and where the authors wish in order to draw attention to their work.”

The ‘DISCOVERING DIAMONDS’ site was set up fairly recently by an author called Helen Hollick. Helen used to be the Managing Editor for Indie Reviews for the Historical Novel Society but she decided that she could spend her time better by setting up her own review blog site. Her aim is to be as helpful as she can to Indie authors of historical fiction. She believed that setting up her own site was the way forward to gain exposure for good books published by indie authors and for those who are traditionally published by small independent publishers.

This meant that I could send in #1 of my Celtic Fervour Series The Beltane Choice to the Discovering Diamonds site and hope that they’d accept it. Which to my delight, they did!

There are other review blog sites out there which do not accept historical novels from small independent publishers and will only review those they deem to be self-published. And there are site which are ‘paid for’ review sites, some of which are now frowned upon, I believe, by Amazon etc. In between those two categories there are also sites which charge the author a small ‘handling’ fee which they use to buy authentic copies of the novel for their reviewing team. Some sites in this last category will only read and post reviews for self- published authors of historical fiction.

At Discovering Diamonds, there is a team of hitherto well established reviewers who give their time to the site, totally free of charge to the author which means the Discovering Diamonds site gives out genuine, honest, and not ‘paid-for reviews’. Their objectives when reviewing are being able to recommend the novel is good value for money, and is a good read that would warrant a 3 + rating.

The Discovering Diamonds Review standards are very high so being awarded their eye-catching award is a great honour and I’ve added the award logo to my blog and website.

Fabulous! Now you have quite a few books out there in Reader Land – let’s see the covers.


Nancy Jardine’s Celtic Fervour Series of historical romantic adventures is set in first century northern Roman Britain whereas her contemporary romantic mysteries are set in fabulous world-wide cities, Topaz Eyes being a finalist in The People’s Book Prize 2014. The Taexali Game, her Teen time-travel adventure, is set in third century Roman Scotland. She’s a member of the Romantic Novelists Association, the Scottish Association of Writers and the Federation of Writers Scotland.

You can find her at these places:

Blog:  Website:   Facebook: &

email: Twitter @nansjar

Amazon Author page

Celtic fervour Series:

#1 The Beltane Choice

#2 After Whorl: Bran Reborn

#3 After Whorl: donning Double Cloaks

Contemporary Mysteries

Topaz Eyes

Take Me Now

Monogamy Twist

Historical Teen Time Travel

The Taexali Game

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