It’s a mystery!

Like crime novels? Well, you may be looking forward to my new launch on Friday but here is a little mystery story for you. I’ll set the scene and you can try to work it out.

Picture a small village in Britain. The sign says  “Yewkay Craïm” It is self-contained, indeed, surrounded by barbed wire and with large notices saying “No admittance without a permit”. On the barbed wire fence is a long list in tiny letters.

Lying in front of the entrance is an old lady with a flight bag carrying an Air France label. She has been stabbed in the back and is dead. In her hand are a pair of glasses and near her a large gift-wrapped box that looks like a present. This has been stamped on and kicked towards the ditch.

If you look in her flight bag you will find the required entry permit and a pile of invitation cards.

What can have happened?   

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