Less than a coffee but lasts longer


Shaman’s Drum is now reduced for a short while. The ebook costs less than a cup of coffee and it is far more satisfying. coffee f


This book was written first because I “saw” the opening scenes in my head like a film-trailer. I was hooked and had to write the rest of the story to find out how this all happened. Having published, readers wanted the backstory so I wrote Alchemy which is now Book 1 in the series.

Saving the world from terrorism and fossil fuel dependency has meant that the established religions have been banished but paganism in all its forms was overlooked. Nature abhors a vacuum so some very nasty things have sneaked in to fill the hole left by mainstream prayer. Find out how the believers fight the demons and how a man and a woman from different faiths, backgrounds and civilisations become lovers………. when everyone gets drawn in together to fight a common evil, miracles can happen!

Listen to a free reading… interested? 

September is Shaman’s Drum month as I finish writing Book 3.

Grab it on Amazon international link while it is still silly-price.

If you like it, tell your friends, if you don’t – tell me and I’ll buy you a coffee!   SD Gary's black ad


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