Nanny Piglet

I’ve had a lot of names in my life. From my original Scottish name Ailsa through to my French name Elise … via all sorts of wrangling.

The name I cherish most is Nanny Piglet. Why? Well, my nearly grandchildren, offspring of my other half’s first marriage, their next in line, came over to visit. I was very new at the step mother and step granny game so I just joined in as I saw fit and they loved it.

We went to the ice rink and all fell about when Grandad said “Mind out it’s slippy” and then went down on his bum!

I bought the grandchildren hot drinks when they had spent their pocket money on sweets and I was the test pilot on the rope slide from the high tree to the vegetable plot where I drew two furrows with my knees. They knew I was crazy on animals so, coming up to my birthday, when we went to the market, they tried to buy me a piglet. piglet

I would have been delighted. A pet piglet, not to eat but to keep – my dream! But Grandad put his foot own and I got earrings. phooey! We all sulked and cried in the car on the way home. I wanted my piglet, they wanted to buy me a piglet and had negotiated a great price. Ya phoooey Grandad!

Twenty years on when my beloved grand-daughter is grown up, has babies of her own, she still calls me Granny Piglet, and it makes me so happy. It happened, in our hearts. There is a piglet who is me, who lives with my grandchildren.

Nos da, Granny Piglet’s babbies


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