Strictly my recipe

I mentioned fireballs as a stress-buster the other day and there was considerable interest. You may remember that Riga, the Black Shaman heroine of my novels, from her earliest days, could fling them about wildly.

fireballI’m afraid that mine aren’t as spectacular as hers and consequently pose less of a risk as far as arson is concerned.

The way I use fireballs is to release pent-up energy. Storing negatives to excess is very bad for one. This is why I go outside (essential) and speak to Them Upstairs (which can be whoever you think them to be) and explain your reasons. “I am filled with anger which is poisoning me.” or “I am full of hatred which is only doing me damage, not the person with whom I am furious.”

Remember that the Earth and the Sky are infinite and can absorb any amount of energy but I think it only polite to ask their permission first. Similarly if you are going to fling fireballs at a wall, warn it so that your energies dissipate and don’t knock the darn thing down – don’t laugh, it can happen.early-morning-yatton-moor-76

Having squared things with the authorities and ensured I am not going to make any collateral damage, I summon up all the energy I want rid of, ball it up in my stomach and then shoot it out of my arms up into the sky. (if you are any good at envisaging, you may even see them). Then I do the same again but shove the energies down through my feet into the ground.

Do this several times until the weight comes off your shoulders and you feel like shouting. Please feel free – that is also energy being released. You will know when it has happened.

Have the good grace to thank everything about you for how much better you feel (and you will!) then go inside and, as after any magic, wash your hands under running water to symbolise washing away any clinging negativity.

Go on – if nothing else it will give your neighbours something to stare at!  Blessed be!

6 thoughts on “Strictly my recipe

  1. That thing about washing under running water.. I’ve washed using the cold tap and no plug in the basin ever since childhood. The only time I ever use hot water is in the bath, and for washing up. Wonder if that might explain my general cheeriness 🙂

    1. Could very well do. It has always been used as a ritual symbolic cleansing in magic. Either for yourself or for new objects bought. I would never have thought you had a scrap of negativity sticking to you, Alex xxx

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