August is Alchemy month

Dear Friends,

As August is my birthday month  it has become a habit to make a little present to you all. This year Book 1 of the series “Alchemy” is reduced to 99 (p or cents) everywhere.

This offer starts today and will not last forever (a few days only)Sale Alchemy Aug 16

Remember the story? Two chalk and cheese magic-users fall in love while trying to save the world from the results of well-meant meddling. Nature abhors a vacuum and the kind of black hole left by banning religions would rapidly fill with demons.

A mixed band of Black Shamans, white magic Wiccans, Hedgwitches, Traditionals and Hereditaries, some very energetic goths and an undercover Christian granny all get together to help Iamo and Riga.

It is based on decades of personal experience in pagan belief and religious studies. Every ritual is genuine and all beliefs portrayed are held by one sect or another.

So treat yourself into a magical realism world a couple of years in the future for less than the price of a decent coffee.

Alchemy on Amazon International Link 

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