Omens and portents

Ought to expect it, I suppose, with my Croning ceremony coming up. There have been an awful lot of the above going on around here.

First of all there was my dear old pent. I have worn this around my neck for over twenty years, since my pentelevation. Thick stainless steel, on a strong chain, it never left me apart from during operations.

Suddenly it started falling off its chain. Just like that, throwing itself to the floor and refusing to be mended no matter how often Badger attacked it with pliers etc.

3rd degree pentI had been fighting the heirarchy side of Wicca as I’m no longer in a coven and consider myself “out of the system”. When I became I High Priestess I was entitled to wear the Third Degree Pent. I didn’t. Couldn’t see the point. I had one but I left it above my altar. Then it struck me, if I were going to go through with the Croning, respecting that tradition of Wicca, I ought to wear the higher mark of pent. This falls out well because a good friend is going to be initiated soon and I can’t imagine a finer present than giving them my pent, the one I had at my own ceremony.

I now have the 3rd degree pent on a black silk cord around my neck.

The newly-sloughed snake – now that took me a while to work out. Piston has never before brought us aadder snake to deal with. Birds, lizards, rodents, yes but never a snake. It took me a couple of days to understand. Straight after my ceremony, I felt like I had a new body…or a new skin. Ah ha! That was it – I stretched and felt good in it. A new skin! Of course!  I was being told to prepare myself for how I’d feel.

The ceremony itself was very simple. One of my sacred spaces is by the river  between two trees. In our tradition, gaining one thing always means giving away something else. I took symbols of the past that I no longer needed, including a corvid feather to show that I was giving my old name of Raven back to Ragnar from whom I took it.  As I was throwing my gifts back into the water, a kingfisher flew between me, the gifts and the water which I took to be a great blessing of acceptance. After that I walked through the gateway made by the two tree trunks. This showed me stepping from one state to another and I came out a Crone.

Mistress Otter, at your service!



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