Cheap not cheerful.

We don’t have any Poundland (other cheap stores exist) over here so when in the UK I like to bimble around in them.

I get the idea. It’s not expensive and sometimes you get something very good. Expectations aren’t high but at least everyone is in the same situation, every shopper minding the pennies and expecting the most for them.  Yes, I do understand that.

shopping trolleySo last night I had a dream. I was in a “limited price” store (£1 or 99p take your pick) and I noticed that the woman in front of me was only paying 50p for her stuff and sometimes the cashier was reaching below the counter to swap her chosen purchases for something bigger or better. Intrigued, I just got out my phone and started taking random snaps, like any good tourist, while chatting to my pal in French. Of course I got the final price on the cash register after her full trolley. Compared it to my meagre basket

I went back later in the day. Lo and behold the same woman is there and the same thing  happens. Big discount and better goods.

This is a dream you understand but what would you have done? You probably all know me well enough to predict. Straight to the manager’s office to ask who this woman was and why she got special treatment. ashamedHe blushed, mumbled and said she was the wife of an architect who gave him “mates’ rates” on his building work. I said that my Old Feller is a retired Naval Officer and asked if he had any submarines he wanted looking after. I then said that us “little people” were being diddled. At his riposte of “But you’re only paying 99p” I countered with “Yes but some of us seem to be getting much more for our 99p than others.”

Obviously I found out where the woman’s husband worked so I could report him for professional misconduct and then left wondering if I ought to chuck a brick through the shop window but I woke up then.

Never mind, I might go back tonight and do it. Don’t you just hate being diddled? Even in dreams?

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