Above is the logo of the British Advertising Standards Agency which controls the quality of all advertising in all media in the United Kingdom. I’ve had several dealings with them and one of the things they jump up and down on are unclear adverts where vital bits of information are missing.

I feel I’ve been” taken in” by one of those. Unusually it is by a supposedly professional writer and editor who published a call-out advert on Facebook. Please read it:


Do you have a surprising/unexpected love story?

Hi All,
I’m working on a series of love stories for Woman and Home magazine and am looking for women aged 38-59 to share their special stories (and be pictured). I can read copy back to you before publication to make sure you’re happy with it and I can also include a plug for your business in the piece, if you’d like me to. If you’d like to find out more, please email e**** including your name, age, a quick summary and your mobile number. Here are some examples of possible scenarios:

“I thought I’d never find love again” – someone who was divorced or widowed and unexpectedly found love again

“I married my childhood/teenage sweetheart” – a couple who rekindled an old romance. Could have traced each other through Facebook or met again unexpectedly.

Christmas-themed love stories – e.g. couples over the age of 40 who met or married (or he proposed) at Christmas

“My children found me a husband” (couple who were match-made by their children – e.g. children were friends and thought the parents would be well-suited.)

A whirlwind romance story – e.g. “We married three months after meeting”

“I re-married my ex-husband” – a couple who divorced, then fell back in love and got married again

NB It needs to be couples who married within the past five years ideally. Please share this request! Thank you,

Thank you so much!

It was posted by a supposedly-professional freelance writer and editor. No mention of race colour creed or location restrictions. As the Old Feller and I have just such a story I replied immediately. My email signature shows that I too am a professionally-published writer. Without having my work read I was given the “brush-off” of “Oh but we’d need you to be in UK for photo-shoots

I replied that I’d we’d be happy to come to London for that. REMEMBER that she hasn’t read my work yet and is foisting me off. I’m not used to that kind of treatment so dug my heels in. I also mentioned that if there were restrictions like that she should have included them in the original advert, not wasted people’s time and that racism wasn’t very pretty no matter which UK glossy magazine one is writing for.

This was met with “oh I have one from someone living nearer to London” She STILL hasn’t even seen my work!

The original advert wasn’t honest, decent or truthful but above all – it was unprofessional. In my opinion it is very unprofessional to dismiss a writer on the basis of where they live, not their ability. None of this would have happend had this woman been professional enough to make sure her advert was correct – EDITOR???? Really?????

I don’t mind rejection, I can take that, but being foisted off with stupid time-wasting excuses is inexcusable. Do not ever work with this person. No I have not named her ……………..YET

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