A Chapter of Accidents

Tim kindly invited me over to chat and we got onto the subject of being a disaster on the move……………..

Tim's Blog

Today I welcome back fellow Crooked Cat author Ailsa Abraham.  Ailsa’s books (and mine) are currently available in the Crooked Cat summer sale for 99p/99c till Sunday.  What have you got to tell us, Ailsa?
Series of Accidents
Hello and thanks for inviting me onto your blog. I wonder if any of your readers know any other walking accidents? Real-life disaster areas lurching from one place to another, looking for somewhere to happen?
I ask because that’s me. Lying in bed just now I wondered what to write for your invitation and I thought “Not another excuse for why my series has hit a ‘halt in production’! I’m sure everyone is sick of those.” Yes, I was lying in bed when I remembered I owed you this and picked up my laptop to note all this…that’s what it’s like being a disaster. I have all the tool kit to complete…

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