Looking for………..

All authors are looking for things. Mainly it is sales figures but to get there they need the big P. No, stop it you dirty lot, Publicity.

minion megaphoneThis is hard to come by as shouting one’s wares on social media is self-defeating. “My book is great” well of course YOU would say that, it’s YOUR book! Ultimately the reader sees your name, guesses what is coming and skips on by. Reviews are great but even now many readers haven’t got the message

Liked the book? Tell everyone. Do the author a favour – leave a review!”

Reference by third parties is better especially if it comes with stunning images. Here I fall flat on my face as I never progressed past lollipop trees and triangular ladies with arms coming out of their heads. I have two great book covers done for me by my publishers but I needed more.

Gary Wizard
One of mine with app!

Here is where I fell in with Great Company – look4books run by the highly talented Gary Walker. His illustrations, posters and book covers aren’t just super professional but very reasonably priced. He is the wizard of advertising

The group work together to boost each other’s work. We play “tag” on Twitter and have big giggles on Facebook The group is open to readers and authors, anyone interested in books but only paid-up members can advertise their books – Rule Number One (the only rule in fact)

Gary W
Gary Walker

So if you are looking for books, or wanting publicity pop over to look for books and you might see some of my art creations (thanks to Canva and other apps – no lollipop trees)

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