My little machine

Don’t run away with the wrong idea. When the Badger asked me what I’d like for my birthday and I said without hesitation “Horse” it got quite nasty.  He HAD said “something extravagant you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself”. He doesn’t know me very well. So, having sulked and got Nanny Ab onto him for a few days the answer to “Horse?” was still “No!” so I went off and conspired with Nanny Ab to make my new study more comfy.Vanner

We came up with the idea of one of those little coffee-makers but I nearly fainted when I saw that they were about 75 euros. No, not even when being actively encouraged to be extravagant.

So you all know how witchcraft works now, don’t you? I send wishes out into the Universe and sometimes they come back with a lovely suprise (but so far, no horse!) One of those pop-up ads on my screen showed me exactly what I was wishing for at 30 euros. Only drawback being we had to drive the 120 kms round-trip to Dijon to pick it up from the store. This is the same trip I had to do for work until I caved in and became an invalid. Two hours’ driving on top of a full day’s teaching was too much with a crippled spine and Bipolar Condition. Imagine the cost for diesel?

route to TassimoSo we went, we brought the wee Tosser (yes, that is what I called him) back and my Chief Electronic and Electrical Engineer declared it ferked! He had spent a couple of hours tinkering with it so I was pretty convinced that if it hadn’t been when we got it home, it would be by now. So this morning we hiked off to Dijon again to return the “faulty” bit and I was tempted to leave my husband in the store and come back with the machine which was fine.

He had been hitting a button the wrong way so it wouldn’t speak to him.

Grandmère caféOn top of that, coming home, I decided to stop off at the local shop (Shopi) and buy some capsules for it. OK I wasn’t too keen when Mr. Bright-Spark chose exactly the same brand of coffee we normally use anyway but  I put up with it and grabbed some Suchard hot chocolate for lil ole me!Suchard

Another half hour or so punctuated with swearing, shouting and general mayhem ensued as he tried to work out how to put the capsule in the machine but eventually ……………. it worked.

I am now taking it away from him and putting it in my study where it will be my writing companion. Not THAT kind of machine – you dirty lot!  hot choc


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