Warning – Poem by Jenny Joseph

When I am an old woman I shall wear purple
With a red hat which doesn’t go, and doesn’t suit me.

That was my inspiration for my trade-mark jacket and red hat. You will see it at the top of this post and on my new Facebook Page. BUT… She has nicked it! My darling red bonnet with sparkles! She has taken it for her “Scottish author” costume!Scottish writer me

I could wish that little madam had never gone to Drama College because some of it is ingrained in her. She can’t do anything without “getting into character”.  So having decided that she is now a proper writer again, with a nearly-functioning study, she needs a costume.

The serape I can stand, it’s hers. She bought it in Stirling on a visit with her cousins and it’s one of her clan tartans. I don’t bother with that sort of nonsense. BUT that hat is mine!

Look at me – at over 300 years old my hair is a bit long and rather grey which is how I like it. Yes, alright, I can alter my appearance any way I want but Goth Witch suits me. I would love to go to Whitby and scare the pretend ones by coming up out of the ground with genuine grave-rot hahahh.

I think I Nanny Ab Hairmight have to sneak into her bedroom and long-term borrow her top-hat. Yes, silver hair and topper, that would suit me!

5 thoughts on “Nicked!!!

  1. Oh, Nanny, you make me feel…guilty. I nick the Knights hat all the time…for years. He doesn’t get them back.

    1. Well in expiation ; you might find a picture of a hat he would like and get Missy to knit it for him and DO tell her I said she had to! That’ll teach her to pinch other people’s headgear. Honour would be satisfied. xxx

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