Spoilt with and by friends.

I’m blessed with one gift I share with my old friend Nanny Ab. I make friends wherever I go and get chatting easily. This was brought home to me last week when I received not one, but THREE presents from friends.

One lives in America and is a soul sister to me. She and my fairy grand-daughter sent me an otter and a very magical American Indian flute, knowing my fascination with woodwind instruments even though I’m not exactly a maestro at playing them.

Angeel takes a turn while Lutracita watches.
Angeel takes a turn while Lutracita watches.

I was told that the otter was crying and soon I heard the story. This little lady, Lutracita,  should have been a South American Giant Otter but as you can see she is a bit smaller than the usual five feet six in length. Her people, the largest in the species, chucked her out and she was weeping in a hole, waiting for someone to take her to her forever home. Well that is sorted, then. I have her on my bed so she can curl around my head and play with my other new orphan friend, Angel.

Another of my friends, closer to home this time, is Angelique, the woman who runs the Municipal Dump. She is charming, sharing my love of stuffies, decorating the posts with her biggest ones. While I stood chatting to Pandie, the latest one, now with the job of directing people to the “wood skip”, she dashed off to find me a wee person. Pandie having found useful employment, wasn’t unhappy but little girl Angel was. She had been a little person’s playmate but got rid of when they “out-grew” her. Stuff and nonsense! I am living proof that one can’t outgrow bears and other stuffies. She looked miserable.ange

After a nice bath she climbed onto my Thomas the Tank Engine pillow and made herself at home, still a little clingy. We are thinking what kind of clothes she would like. Obviously an angel costume with halo would be her first choice but I am not sure of the practicality of that when she goes to join the rest of the hug upstairs…they can be a bit boisterous and tinsel-edged wings might come to grief.

The pipe has been so long away from its long-haired Native American maker that it has forgotten how to play. As I am a mere novice we are learning together, making some noises which frighten the dog along the way, but we are all very happy. As you can see, Lutracina and Angel had a go too and insist that they are better flautists than me. They are probably right.

I am so very blessed. Friends in my little village and others around the world who care enough to send me presents…how much more blessed could I be?

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