Nanny Ab loves special offers and freebies. She was brought up to be frugal so leaps on anything useful marked “reduced”. So it was that last night she was re-designing her business card. No, for a village witch a business card isn’t essential but shows a certain class, especially when this was at 50% off!  The current one read “Healer, Writer, Pirate, Adventurer” and had seemed appropriate until recently when she had begun to experience a strange feeling.

It took her some time to pin this feeling down and even when she came up with the answer she pushed it away. It was Fear. Of course, being mortal, she had known fear in the past but usually in some recognizably dangerous situation, like being left on her own to navigate across the busiest shipping lane in the world while her ex partner “super-sailor Simple Simon” had gone below to be seasick. It had been Fear that gripped her when he then took them the wrong side of a buoyed channel around Ouessant and she could hear large rocks gurgling past her boat’s side. Looking across and seeing red lights to her right confirmed her doubts – they should have been on the left and the far distant green ones should be much nearer.

That was appropriate Fear. Now she found herself dreading being parted from her beloved Witch’s Cottage and the Village Under the Mountain. Leaving the business card wording to fend for itself she padded straight from her bed to the kitchen where the boiling kettle burbled cheerfully on the wood-stove. Muttering thanks to Monsieur Rodin the stove, she made a mug of something comforting and looked around.

“Well of course I don’t want to leave!” she said out loud. “I’ve worked bloody hard to make this hovel my own version of luxury. What can a five-star hotel offer me that I don’t have here? Certainly not my babbies.” She bent to tickle the cat’s head and whispered that he shouldn’t be on the kitchen table. He nodded and stretched out for her to stroke his Piston facebelly. “OK. You got me. It’s the nicest bed in the house and why shouldn’t you have it?” Piston gave her a squeezy-eyed grin of agreement and went back to sleep.

Once back in her bed, Nanny Ab retrieved the laptop and re-wrote her business card which now read, in curly purple lettering

Nanny Ab, Healer and Writer. Pirate-Adventurer (Ret’d)

“That’s more like it. Have to be honest with folks and if I’m not off to see people I like, why bother going?”

She snuggled down and put an arm around the dog. No, home is where the heart is and her heart was most definitely anchored now.

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