Bound on, dear friend…

Sad news ……….

Just a note to say that my dear big pal Marco has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Patrick, the owner of the site in Orange came running to see me, knowing that is the first thing I’d ask.

At least, as Patrick told me, he wasn’t run over by any old car – it was a collector’s item, an E-type Jag. Yes, I burst into tears but then I laughed when I saw Marco bounding up to Titch, Dogge, Gavrochet et al going “sniff sniff – familiar.. did your mum act crazy and roll on the floor with “big dangerous hounds”

“Oh yes!” said the three of them in unison and they all went off together to chat about how comfy my tummy is for lying on.  Bless his huge, misunderstood heart.

I shall do a little ceremony under the moonlight tonight on our favourite patch of grass. Marco

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