Ted Darling

141117_Me (3)One of my recent guests, Lesley Krier Tither (Tottie Limejuice) enjoyed herself so much that she has come back and brought her new main character with her. I think Cameron might have nagged her into doing this as he was dying to meet Ted .

Welcome both of you. I’ve got some ginger-beer for us gals and Ted, do help yourself from the cabinet over there if you don’t fancy tea or coffee from the stove.

Ted: Ginger beer is fine, thanks, it’s what I usually drink.

Oh that’s a bit of luck. A friend brings it over from England for me. Lesley, this is a very big departure for you from your previous books. Tell us about those first and what made you change genres so dramatically?

Lesley: I started out writing travel memoirs, about my move to France and making a new life here. There are now four of them, Sell the Pig, Is That Billinge Lump?, Mother, Was It Worth It? BIFF2_ResizedAnd Biff the Useless Mention. I also co-wrote a sort of travel memoir/road trip book, Take Three Birds, with friends, under the joint pen-name Jilli Lime-Holt.

Crime fiction has always been my favourite genre to read, and to watch on television, so when Ted came on the scene, I was thrilled to start writing crime thrillers with him as the central character.

Now, Ted, how did you two meet?

Ted: Lesley was already known to the police.

Lesley: Ted, behave yourself! You need to tell them that’s because I was a court and coroner’s court reporter, and that I later worked for the Crown Prosecution Service.

Ha ha ha – love it! Give us a bit of your background without any spoilers. Where are you from, career etc.

Ted: Lancashire lad, grew up in Stockport, joined the police as soon as I left school as I’d always wanted to. It wasn’t always easy, being short, skinny and gay, which is probably why I went into firearms. But when I got together with my partner, Trevor, that worried him too much so I changed to CID instead.

Ah yes, Cam would understand that. His characters had similar problems in the Army. How about your activities in your existing books, how many are there now?

Ted: I head a small but efficient team in Stockport, dealing mostly with murders and other serious crime. There are four books so far, Baby’s Got Blue Eyes, Two Little Boys, When I’m Old and Grey and Shut Up and Drive.

And –  There will be a fifth one along later this year.suad - kindle final cover

Wow. Lesley how do you manage to write so prolifically? Many writers (including brain-damaged one here) struggle to produce one a year.

Lesley: I think because writing has been my profession for many years, first as a journalist then later as a freelance copywriter. I’m used to having to churn out copy, often on a very tight deadline, and I’m pretty disciplined at staying in front of the computer until targets are met. It does mean my garden doesn’t always get all the attention I would like to give it, though! But that’s why I’ve produced five full-length books in the last year, as well as editing my first children’s fiction book, The Dog With the Golden Eyes, which will be released later this year under the pen-name L M Kay.

Crikey O’Reilly, even more to go on my TBR list! Now – what else would you both like to share with my blog friends?

Lesley: Well, Ted is too modest to boast, but in Book 5, his career undergoes a bit of a sea change, with him taking on more responsibility, and a very different role to his current one. He’s currently giving me lots of sleepless nights (but all in the best possible taste) as we work out the nitty-gritty between us.

And since Ted has unkindly, and wrongly, implied that I have a criminal record, I best just outline a bit about myself! I was born in Cheshire, grew up and was educated, occasionally, in Stockport, where Ted is based.

After school, I did pre-entry training in journalism at the Harris Institute, Preston, then a three-year indenture period with St Regis Newspapers in Manchester. Part of my daily duties on newspapers was to visit the local police station each morning to find out what was happening on our patch.

I did ten years in journalism then took a career break to work with horses, before returning to being a wordsmith, as a freelance copywriter and copy editor. I’m now retired and write full time. When I’m not writing I’m either walking my two mad border collies, Fleur and Rosie, going camping with them or gardening.

All my books are available via Amazon and other online retailers. You’ll find the Sell the Pig travel memoir series here and the DI Ted Darling crime fiction series here. All my books, except the Press Release mini-guide, are available in both paperback and e-book format.

Thanks for having us again but we both need to go now, Ted to catch criminals, and me to write about him doing so!

Thanks so much for visiting, it’s been a blast. Perhaps you’d like to come over again when your children’s Dog book is out – Lily will want a signed copy. Ted, please don’t give her any more biscuits, would you? She will get enormous. Yes, she is hard to resist with those “starving” eyes. Bon retour and come back soon. Byeeeeee!lighter_cover


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