Forthcoming features…

It’s that time of year again. We look back over the past twelve months and make a few wisholutions (my invented word that carries less guilt-factor than resolutions) about the next 12.

I skip back through this blog and know that I made some mistakes. That’s no surprise, I’m an expert. I have a PhD in up-screwing.oops Certainly I must not write about matters that are important to me. Nor should I try to impose my own social values on how other people use social media. I like to be polite and TRY to behave as I would if face to face with the other person. Not everyone is going to buy into that and they rip chunks out of me for suggesting it.  Think before posting is tantamount to a gagging order, or so you’d think from some folk’s reactions.

Well OK, it’s just my take on things and we all have nasty spiteful knee-jerk reactions sometimes. I do. Oh yes I am just as subject to  bad character flaws as everyone else. The difference is that I have, over my time on social media, gradually learned not to post those thoughts because …wait for it… the only person who gets shown up is ME. If I’m momentarily jealous of a friend’s good fortune, a twinge of green-eye, I slap my own wrist and then rejoice for them. I don’t hurt them and humiliate myself, something I have seen happen a lot in the past year…but that’s their look-out. I’ve finished upsetting and getting blocked.

It’s so easy to push people’s buttons. Something simple like writing about a situation going on here in France, about which I’m in a better position to know, will get people throwing nasty accusations at me so I will leave that too. I don’t need the aggravation.

LilyInterviews have been a great success. Readers love meeting new friends and the interviewees seem to feel they really have been sitting here with us, petting Lily and Piston, having a drink and a quiet chuckle at Cameron’s latest outrageous outfit. The magic carpet was a brainwave! Now we can whisk pals over from distant lands to spend an hour in the garden.magic carpet

My Otter stories are ever-popular and yes, I’ll ask her if she’ll tell me some more. Many people are asking me to publish them but I think in that case we would need illustrations. I can’t draw and it costs much more to publish illustrated books. We’ll see. If there is enough demand I’ll think seriously about it.

So for 2016 you can expect loads more jolly visits, some stories and nothing controversial. Enough with the unpleasantness, this is going to be a clash-free zone. Have a great 2016.Piston face



5 thoughts on “Forthcoming features…

  1. Let’s see what 2016 brings. It’s been a hard year. I agree with the suggestion about publishing the Otter stories although you’re right about illustrations. I’ve heard people suggesting trying Fiverr to find artists that don’t charge the earth, but it’s true the books will still be more expensive…
    Have a lovely new year and thanks for the interviews and for being there.

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