All change…

Phew! Looks like we are in for a change of life again. No, not that one, stop smirking, way past that stage.

I discovered that my invalidity pension will change in August and I’ll go onto my Old Age Pension instead. This means that the supplement paid by my ex-employer’s insurance will cease but I will be much less restricted. I suppose it makes sense. I can’t work, so why should the fact that those who can are now considered able to continue past 60, concern me?new van

Whatever! After my next birthday (or maybe before) I will be free of a lot of the ties that bind me to my more generous income. I won’t have to prove I’m still ill nor fill-in endless forms regularly on pain of not being paid. I can even, if asked, accept money for things like private English lessons, something I’m asked about regularly but have to refuse.

It may be this news that prompted Badger to say “Time to change”. I know him and was expecting the next statement to be “sell up and sail again”. We’ve done it before but no, he said “How about becoming part-time travellers again?” (he was less politically correct but …) AND he meant on the roads. Given that the whole of Europe is available to us at the slight press of an accelerator, why not?

The cost, of course! Camping, which we have been doing all our lives either separately or together in the last twenty years, is becoming less the cheaper option. This is when he came up with the idea of a camper van. We are both getting older and some of the gymnastics required in caravanning are beyond us. My scoliotic back doesn’t like the seating arrangement and as for dismantling the bed every day, rain or shine …fffforget it!

Saw the beauty above this morning and it is in fabulous condition, coming with everything we wanted and more besides. Plenty of room for two ole farts, a dog and a cat. So, dear reader, we bought it. Name? Yes, you know that everything in my life has a name and it came to me chatting to a dear pal on FB. What is my favourite horse-breed? Name?


With a camper van we won’t have to go on campsites. There are rather natty little sites that are specially for them. A disposal point for your portaloo and coin-operated machine for direct electricity at a few euros a day. As campervans have their own bathrooms this makes reasonable sense. There are service stations with showers too if you know where to look. A launderette isn’t hard to find and if we end up staying a night or two “au sauvage” I’ll love it. With my new-found freedom we can take off for a couple of months, not bound by being in one place for any length of time. Our doctor is good enough to give us three months’ prescription at a go and we can stay away, only coming back to check on the house and get more medication.

I was born to be a pirate but I’ll accept highwayman at a pinch!


So Myfanwe our van and Uncle Vanya the caravan are up for sale as a working rig and available to view chez nous. So watch out, on-line friends, we may be poling up to visit quite soon!

Uncle Vanya the caravan
Uncle Vanya the caravan

6 thoughts on “All change…

  1. It sounds like an excellent idea, Ailsa. I used to joke when I did locum work that I should buy one as it would save me packing and unpacking all the time, but I also think it’s a winner… 🙂

  2. Otter, you will have so much fun! I don;t know if Europe has “Truck stops” (places where commercial truckers can stay overnight, shower and get a meal) but if you were in the States they would be perfect for an overnight. And of course, Vanner is perfect!

  3. Thanks all – I’m hoping to get as far as I can without going on a plane! It’s a great way to keep active in retirement. There are such places, Silky. Yes, it is fun, has been before.

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