That’s it, see the picture above? That’s my sword, Justice-Bringer and as you can see, I’ve hung it up.


My dear old destrier, Tootsie, has been turned out to grass as he is as utterly fed-up with our old job as I am. I told him he might, when rested, go to stud but he just blew his lips out; too tired even to get excited by the idea. We’ve been at it too long, you understand.

As a small child with 90° pigtails I fought on my old Shetland, Jock, armed with garden bamboo sticks …which got me drummed out of the Pony Club. For the rest of my life I have been leaping on my charger to take up the cudgels on behalf of the weak, the voiceless…or just my friends. Well no more.

Courtesy of the Thelwell Estate
Courtesy of the Thelwell Estate

I have discovered that by sticking up for my friends, the net result is just that I lose other ones. Championing the cause of Friend A causes Friend B to stop talking to me which is a shame as I want to be pals with both of them. Even saying sorry doesn’t work.

This is why my sword is unsheathed but harmless, my steed turned loose and my armour now decoration in a cousin’s baronial hall. I shall be very happy to speak up for animals as they don’t disown you and live what remains of my life as a peaceable old lady. Stick justice, stick trying to right wrongs. Someone else can pick up the title – Clown Princess of Scales.

Princess of Scales
Princess of Scales

9 thoughts on “Dun-Fi-tin

  1. Time to stop worrying about all the things we cannot fix, and simply enjoy all the ones we can or have in the past. Life is far too short, Ailsa, and I fear it’s getting shorter.
    All we need really, is some peace and quiet, while we can still enjoy it…

  2. Thanks for all comments; Yes, choose your battles wisely is great advice,sometimes it is better to be WRONG but at peace. I was the original Thelwell girl with pony to match. Still am inside…

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