The Blame Game

AGE warning – some language in this article is unsuitable for minors. Some graphic images

This blog does not normally delve deeply into politics but two pieces of news are giving me itches I can’t scratch, so I choose to share them with you.

Let me start by saying I am anti-war of the generation “Peace and Love” who protested vigorously against the Vietnam War. Also, having been raised in a 50/50 Muslim/Christian environment I am absolutely NOT anti-Islam. That is to say I am not against true Islam rather than the hate being preached at the moment.

OK. 2 subjects are rape and the so-called Islamic State. Can’t see the connection? Well in both cases there is a huge helping of sorting out Cause v Effect.

One extreme

For a long time, many people have been arguing that any woman who is raped “brought it on herself” by dressing provocatively or being in the wrong place or company at the wrong time. Or is the cause of rape mainly that the male of the species can’t control his sexual urges? The effect is that women dressing as vertical bedspreads is now seriously advocated.

Over-simplification? Yes! It is mainly a result of the very press who are lip-smackingly reporting this question, having indulged in the sexualisation of the female figure for decades. Page 3 may have gone but I don’t read newspapers because they are still full of almost-naked females designed to titillate (that’s their decision to pose, OK

... to the other
… to the other

for them) but has an overall effec on males meaning that in this day and age most very young boys don’t have to have seen the “top shelf” magazines to know that “lady bits” are not like “boy bits” and that anything with boobs is there purely for their edification and enjoyment. Step up,media and take a bow – you must take the blame in some of this.

Not in Tesco's
Not in Tesco’s

Should there be such a thing as “inappropriately dressed” in this century? I think there should and it applies to both men and women. I have no objection to a man sunbathing topless on the beach but for the sake of hygiene and common courtesy I wish they would slip a tshirt on before going into the shops. I dislike sweaty skin rubbing against me in the check-out queue in Tesco’s in a seaside town.

So – do we blame the women? Partly. Do we blame the men? Partly. I think there is a strong argument for teaching both sexes from an early age that taking what isn’t yours is wrong. Doing something to someone that they have already said they don’t like, is also wrong. In the same vein, pretending to promise something and then “changing your mind” at the last minute is not only wrong but dangerous. When a man has his dick just about inside you, lady, it’s gone way too far to say no if (up to that moment) you were a willing participant.

Onto the next topic. While we are talking about the Blame Game. I have seen so many articles comparing the migrants from Syria to the jews fleeing Nazi rule. We welcomed them. Of course we did. But we also turned on their aggressors and showed them why it was a bad idea to do what they were doing. If we are saying that the migrants equal the Jewish oppressed then who are Islamic State?

Yes, I’m advocating sending in the military to bomb the shite out of these thugs who want to take us all (yes, Europe too) back into the Dark Ages under a pseudo Muslim flag. Perhaps retaliation is the only way that they will understand that beheading, gang rape, burning alive and enticing teenagers away from home with false promises is a very bad way of behaving.

Please don’t say we can’t. This is exactly the same as the IRA situation where there was an army with no uniform mixed in with the civilian population who were too scared to tell. We did it then. The British Forces used every sneaky tactic to explain to the Irish terrorists that kneecapping, rape and blowing up the innocent were not good ideas.

The West has happily charged into wars which were nothing to do with them apart from there being oil involved. I know that some “Very Important Leaders” are silently backing the Islamic State – well let’s show them all – we took on everyone last time. And if we don’t do it this time, in a few years I shall not be blogging because I’ll have been beheaded. And anyway you will be in Rammadan and too tired to read.

I realise that this article may cause some reaction -please comment I should like to know how you all feel. And to those who say “No more immigrants, there’s no room” – fine, well join in and help stop the Islamic State and we won’t have to.


13 thoughts on “The Blame Game

  1. I have to say I disagree with any sort of victim blaming re your rape comments. I don’t think changing your mind is wrong or that it should be “too late” to change your mind after x has happened. If someone, anyone, says “no,” at any point, to sexual stuff then it should stop there and then, that’s it, end of.

    1. To a point – leading a man, especially a young inexperienced man on, making out you are going to “let it happen” and then expecting him to stop when you say no, is unrealistic. Ideally, yes but in practice no. That is a world apart from the woman jumped on by one or several men and forced from the start which is what happened to me.
      Perhaps it is something we could include in teaching people from an early age that no means no and yes means yes?

  2. it should always be a woman’s choice who enters her body. There should never be any force involved. That’s rape, nothing less.

    The West is pretty much hated because of our interference in the affairs of the Arab world, and yes a lot had to do with oil rather than any noble reasons like stopping Saddam slaughter his own people. Because we are hated so, this time I’d like to see the Isis problem dealt with by the Arab World. If the Arab leaders don’t set their own armies against Isis then they will soon not be able to nip across the sea to watch their horses run and to drink alcohol. Oil supplies to the West will be stopped and there will be no more weapon buying junkets to the West. The leaders of the Arab World in order to retain their positions need to settle this now and show their people that Isis is not a force for good not one to be feared by them.
    I’m afraid if the West step in more people will turn to Isis as did to the last bunch of antiquated zealots. The ruler of the Arab Countries will be able to sit back and claim it’s not their fault and take none of the flak from the people.We know they have the weapons to use, we sold them most of it.Let them use it and maybe the women of Arabia can come out of the traditional dress if they choose, and take up education and eqauality as is their right.

    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  3. There are so many ways to rape, and all of them are wrong. When will the people in charge realise the only way forward is to remove or resolve the cause of the problems?

  4. Well I am going to add my two penneth for what it’s worth. I agree no is no but also think there is a point of no return as stated by Ailsa and girls and boys need to be taught from an early age. As for waiting for the Arabs to stop Isis I think we would wait a long time and in the meantime too many other barbaric atrocities will happen.So although I don’t generally advocate war someone has to do something and soon. The women of any of those countries have no rights and if they stood up to be counted very many of them would suffer unspeakable horrors. I think other countries should themselves particularly regarding young people being brainwashed and joining” the cause” should take a stand. Too many blind eyes are turned and I think we should all stand and put our houses in order.

    1. Thank you – it now looks as if Mr Putin is the first to take the initiative but will that cause the West to wade in? Or will we still be dickering about on the edge being politically correct and culturally sensitive?

      1. It looks like they are talking air strikes..more civilian casualties, the arab countries are taking nil refugees and leaving it to Europe…I feel so sorry for the genuine refugees and children because they are piggy in the middle so sad x

  5. I’ve refrained from blogging on this subject purely because of the difficulties it presents, so I admire your courage. In short, a little bit more understanding around issues of rape, and considering treatment of the issues as opposed to automatic and outright criminalization, would help.

    As regards the problem Kipling encapsulated with the phrase ‘East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet’ we can never instill peace in a societal structure based upon tribalism and where a test of manhood is zest for the fight. We should stay well away.

    By this I mean we should stop politicians from dabbling, desist from imposed solutions that are founded upon our own lust for oil, and imprison anyone who sells anybody south or east of Turkey a gun.
    It is a fight we cannot win. History should have taught us this by now.

    BTB, because I hear the trolls alighting on the branches, I am NOT racist. I believe in the individual, whatever his color or creed. I do not believe in his nation, or wish to adopt his religion.

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