Extreme Nancy

Extreme sports? Love them or leave them?

I love to have a go at exciting new activities, though you’d never willingly get me to jump out of a plane with a parachute still in the pack on my back! It was great fun, though, to research the possibilities I could include in the portfolio of dangerous activities that my main character, Nairn Malcolm, in my contemporary humorous mystery Take Me Now, offers to paying customers.

TMNx1000Nairn is the owner of Adrenalinn Adventures, a company which markets land sporting adventures like tank driving, dirt buggies, quad biking, sphereing, bogshoeing. Bogshoeing? I’ve personally never tried it, but the idea of wearing something like snow shoes—i.e. tennis racquets— on bogs, twistedly appeals to me.

Some of Nairn’s water based sports are wonderfully dangerous. He has a half share in a boat yard which manufactures spectacular water craft, and he knows the most exciting water experiences to include for his clients. I’d never heard of ‘wakeboarding’ before I researched the possibilities, but it’s surely an activity for the fittest of surfers!

I’d never heard of ‘Bun J Riding’ either and just had to include that one, too. Nairn has Aela Cameron fly him to Rotterdam for a meeting and then on to Paris for another because he’s aiming to add his own version of Bun J riding, and a form of hot air ballooning to his company’s schedules. Funnily enough, Aela Cameron, his pilot cum driver for a month, isn’t too fussed about what sports he wants to add, she just loves being in Paris. Being in all the other fabulous places Nairn has to fly to for business is pretty exciting, too!

The trick for both Nairn and Aela in this corporate sabotage mystery is to stay alive long enough to enjoy some of the extreme sports on offer at Adrenalinn Adventures.

Buy from Amazon: http://amzn.to/1QbhUwn

Thanks for the invitation to join you, today, Ailsa. I love to hop over to visit.

Bio:Nancy 3

Nancy Jardine writes historical romantic adventures (Celtic Fervour Series); contemporary mystery thrillers (Take Me Now, Monogamy Twist, Topaz Eyes-finalist for THE PEOPLE’S BOOK PRIZE 2014); & time-travel historical adventures for Teen/ YA readers (Rubidium Time Travel Series). All historical eras are enticing and ancestry research a lovely time-suck. She regularly blogs and loves to have guests visit her blog. Facebook is a habit she’s trying to keep within reasonable bounds. Grandchild-minding takes up a few (very long) days every week and any time left is for reading, writing and watching news on TV( if lucky).

Nancy is a member of the Romantic Novelists Association.

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Blog: http://nancyjardine.blogspot.com Website: http://nancyjardineauthor.com Facebook Goodreads Twitter @nansjar   Rubidium Time Travel Series on Facebook http://on.fb.me/XeQdkG

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