Marie Laval of the Angel Heart

MarieLaval+(2)ANGEL HEART

Marie-Ange, the young widow of an English officer, accepts an inheritance in France only to find that everything in Beauregard is not as it seems. Why is the sinister Malleval so obsessed with her family? And could her darling Christopher still be alive? Marie-Ange finds herself trapped in a dangerous web of lies, intrigue and mystical possession, and the only person to whom she can turn for help is Captain Hugo Saintclair. Yet the enigmatic Hugo represents a danger of a different kind …

Angel Heart’ is a lavish mix of romance, adventure and a hint of the supernatural, largely set in France against the turbulent background of Napoleon’s return from Elba.

Angel HeartAccent

Now an old-hand on the magic carpet, our guest today is my compatriote, Mme Laval from Lyon. Welcome Marie, ma chère amie, I am so excited about your launch. Do tell us more. Have you been published by Accent Press before or did they jump at this?

Bonjour Ailsa and thank you very much for inviting me to talk about ANGEL HEART following its recent release by Áccent Press. I am delighted to be here. ANGEL HEART is very special to me since it is my debut historical romance and the start of my love story with the Saintclair family. ANGEL HEART is indeed the first of a three novels shortly to be published by Áccent. It will be followed by THE LION’S EMBRACE this summer and DANCING FOR THE DEVIL in September.

I already published a contemporary romantic suspense with Áccent – A SPELL IN PROVENCE, which was released in January 2015.

Oh yes, I rememer. You came here to talk with us on that here …Napoleon eh? So this is set in the 19th century? How romantic. Have you written about this period in history before? What interests you about it (I can guess a bit!)?

I loved everything about the period, which I find very romantic, and the setting. The story is mostly set in France, more particularly in Lyon where I am from and in the nearby Beaujolais and Pilat regions. Lyon is a wonderful and inspiring city, with its two rivers and steep hills, the bourgeois Presqu’île and the old town with its beautiful Renaissance architecture, narrow cobblestone alleys and secret passageways called ‘traboules’ which the silk workers used when carrying the cloth without getting wet. I could go on and on about Lyon…

lyonI love the Lyon area. Did you have to do a great deal of research for this work?

I did, but I loved every minute of it. I really enjoyed learning more about Napoleon’s last bid for power, otherwise known as The Hundred Days, about the history of the Knights Templar and their demise at the hands of Philip the Fair, and about the fascinating and mysterious Count Saint Germain.

Templars??? My passion! Is there any background in truth?

I have carried out very thorough research into the historical background and the locations for ANGEL HEART and as odd as some facts may seem, most of them are based on real events. I am thinking more particularly about the Société Angélique or the fantastic (or supernatural) happenings at the chateau of Arginy…I don’t want to spoil the story so I won’t say anymore. I must add that, of course, some characters and events are completely fictitious!

Supernatural -ooo my stuff! Go on – give us a bit more of a hint.

Where can I start? I mentioned Count Saint Germain earlier. Well, the man is one of the 18th century’s most mysterious characters. I was always fascinated by the many tales and stories surrounding him. Nobody really knows who he was. Was he the 220px-Count_of_St_Germainillegitimate son of European royals or just a clever spy? Was he an alchemist who could ‘manufacture’ gold nuggets and diamonds, a Rosicrucian who had mastered the secrets of eternal life or a charismatic charlatan? In his correspondence with Frederick the Great of Prussia, Voltaire called him ‘Der Wundermann’ and said that he was ‘a man who knows everything and who never dies’ (although the philosopher being known for his irony, we can presume that he was joking).

In the novel, my heroin Marie-Ange, whose mother was Saint-Germain’ goddaughter, has to retrieve a mysterious Templar relic of which Saint-Germain was made guardian and which is said to give eternal life…

Anything else you want to share about this book or what you are up to at the moment?

It’s a very exciting time for me. I have two more historical romances coming out very shortly with Áccent – THE LION’S EMBRACE, which is mostly set in North Africa and is about Lucas Saintclair, and DANCING FOR THE DEVIL set in Scotland which is the story of Rose Saintclair. You see, I just couldn’t leave the Saintclair family alone!

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Author Bio

Originally from Lyon in France, I have been living in Lancashire for the past few years. A SPELL IN PROVENCE is my first contemporary romantic suspense and is available from Accent Press. ANGEL HEART, my debut historical romance and THE LION’S EMBRACE are soon to be re-released by Accent Press. And watch out for DANCING FOR THE DEVIL, another historical romance, coming soon at Accent Press too…

Thanks for coming Marie when you must be so busy these days. Here, I’ve packed you a little “en-cas” to eat on the way home. Bon voyage.

Merci beaucoup et au revoir, Ailsa. I never say no to a nice snack!

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    1. Thank you very much Olga! It was a pleasure having you on my blog to talk about your novels – and look at those fabulous covers!

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