Pirate Lady Rose!

Today I welcome another new writer with Crooked Cat Publishing. Coming in on the magic carpet is Emma Rose Millar.

Welcome, Emma Now, I know you like sangria and tapas so while Cam goes to get those, you sit here and tell me about your work. Lily will keep you company but if you don’t like dogs just ask her to go away. She’s very obliging like that.

Hi Ailsa. Well soon to be released is my novel Five Guns Blazing, co-written with Jamaican born author Kevin Allen. It’s an epic tale of piracy, slavery and treason spanning from the back streets of London to Barbados, Jamaica and the Bahamas and is based on the lives of pirates Anne Bonny, Mary Read, John Rackham and Pierre Bouspet. A huge amount of research went into it both from Kevin and myself but I absolutely loved writing it, especially finding out about the life of pirates, who were all fascinating characters. Bouspet in particular was captivating.  ‘It is the story of a fictional character, Laetitia Beedham, a convict’s daughter, born in 1701. Laetitia has been described as a vulnerable yet resilient character. I got the name from my friend Emily Beedham. It means a person of exceptional courage and valour.

Fabulous. I did a lot of research on pirates way back and Anne Bonny fascinated me. Is this your first published book?

No. My first novel, Strains from an Aeolian Harp, was published in 2012 by a small independent publisher. It was a dark tale of domestic violence and opium addiction set during the 1920s. It went on to be short-listed for the Chaucer Award in America. That publisher has now ceased trading and my book is no longer available. I’m hoping to find a new home for it.

Good luck with that, how awful. How long have you been writing, all your life?

Well no, not exactly. I loved to write when I was younger – I’m talking primary school. My teachers all raved about my writing. Then for some reason, which now seems a complete mystery, I stopped writing when I was a teenager; I didn’t write anything again until I was 37. My home life was terrible at the time. I was pregnant and having to live in hotels because I didn’t want to go back to the house. My dad bought me a laptop when I was about 7 months pregnant and one day I opened it up and started writing a story, which became Strains from an Aeolian Harp. Nobody was ever meant to read it; it was only meant to be a piece of creative writing. I wanted to write a story about a woman who was trapped by the system in 1920s Britain where a woman couldn’t divorce her husband on the grounds of cruelty alone.When I read it back I was shocked at what I had written, but I also wanted to tell my story and began looking for a publisher.

A sort of release-valve then, which worked well. I’d love to read that work, so let me know when it is available again. What is in the pipeline? More of the same genre or are you going to branch out?

Well I’ve written three children’s picture book texts, The Amazing Adventures of Nathan Molloy, based on the antics of a very naughty boy. These have been much more fun to write and take me only a few days where as my historical novels take years to complete. I’m also writing another adult novel though, The Women Friends, which is based on a painting by Klimt of the same name. I’m suffering from writers’ block with it at the moment though! Perhaps some more sangria might cure it!

Cam!! More sangria for the lady on the terrace. Urgent! Now a bit about you. Tell us where you live and what the household is like. Lily wants to know if you have pets.

I live in a Victorian terrace house in the Black Country with my 5 year old son and my long-haired cat, Darling. My house is chaos: there’s always a pan of something on the hob and old ska music playing in the background, it’s never tidy and I can never find anything but it’s a happy home. My son is on the autism spectrum; he’s a very bright boy but his behaviour can sometimes be, well… exuberant, shall we say. But there’s never a dull moment and we have a massive amount of fun together.

Well, you can judge for yourself how very house-proud we are here! But yes, happy with it. Thanks, Cam, more olives and some squid would be great! What are your dreams/aspirations?

For people to enjoy my books and to marry Johnny Depp But apart from that just to be happy and to give my son a good life.

Hahaaha – you can have le Depp as long as I can have Cap’n Jack Sparrow himself! Finally let us have all your details, book outlets, contact, web page etc.

Find me blogging at https://emmarosemillar.wordpress.com/

And on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emmarose.millar

Thanks so much for coming, it’s been a real pleasure. Oh, bless Badger, he is going to help you back onto the magic carpet, don’t worry it knows the way. Just say “Go home” when you are safely off. Byeeeee!

2 thoughts on “Pirate Lady Rose!

  1. Reblogged this on Emma Rose Millar and commented:
    The fantabulous Ailsa Abrahams invited me over to her blog today. Thanks for having me and for all that lovely tapas and sangria!

  2. Nice to meet Emma Rose. Her new books sounds fabulous and I hope she finds a good home for the first one as it is a subject that deserves more attention. Another fantastic guest, Ailsa. Happy weekend!

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