Identified Flying Object

Today I welcome another new writer with lovely Crooked Cat who publish me too. Coming in on the magic carpet is June Gundlack. Cameron would you stop waving your t-shirt like that, you’ll scare poor June to death! Cover up, boy!

Welcome, June. Now, I know you like lemon tea and Madeira cake so while Cam puts on his French maid’s outfit and goes to get those, you sit here and tell me about your work. Lily will keep you company but if you don’t like dogs just ask her to go away. She’s very obliging like that.

Wow! What a great reception. I’ve never had a t-shirt waving reception before. Thank you, Ailsa and Cameron. I love dogs. What a waggy tail you have, Lily.Lil small

She’s pleased to see you and Cam always gets a bit hyper when we have visitors, he doesn’t get out much. Is Insectipids your first published book?

Yes, Insectipids was the first published book for me. Crooked Cat helped me realise my dream and as the story is set partly in Scotland – having a Scottish Publisher is special.

Some of my short stories have been published in charity anthologies – 100 Stories for Queensland, Shambelurkling and Shambelurklers Return

How long have you been writing? I presume like all of us you have always been a writer just waiting to launch off into space.

Ha ha! Space – you’ve read Insectipids, then. I’ve been writing for as long as I’ve been able to hold a pencil or tap on a keyboard. I have always loved reading and will read most genres, including cereal packets! Writing for fun came late in life, when I wanted a distraction from smoking. It worked – although I’m now addicted to writing instead.

What is in the pipeline? More of the same genre or are you going to branch out?

I am writing another book aimed at YA or adults of any age… The second book contains more mystery. I would like to venture into mystery/crime/romance later. Perhaps I’ll have to introduce a pet in the next book so Lily can appear. What a well-behaved dog you are. Oh – you like Madeira cake too, Lily!

Now a bit about you. Tell us where you live and what the household is like. Lily wants to know if you have pets.

Are you looking at me - Holly 002

I live in Essex, close to London. My home is shared with a quiet husband and a noisy little parrot, called Holly. We have had a variety of household pets over the years, canaries, budgies, cockatiels, African Grey parrot, a rescue crow called ‘Joe’, tropical fish, Jack Russell Terrier ‘Raffles’, Bearded Dragon, and Leopard Geckos! We also sponsor a guide dog called Gismo and a rescue dog – a Jack Russell called, Apache.

How wonderful. Yes, I met Holly on my visit to your blog and I adore reptiles! Oh, thanks, Cam, more Madeira cake would be great! June, what are your dreams/aspirations?

Dreams and aspirations? I would like to write more – perhaps a play. I wish I could invent more hours in the day – my working day is long and travelling adds many hours – although I do gather great writing ideas from people I meet on those travels!

Finally let us have all your details, book outlets, contact, web page etc.

Insectipids is aimed at older kids and young (and older) adults – the idea for this book was driven by my young nephew, Ben and his friend James. Insectipids is a mystery, adventure with many challenges for my young characters, including happy bashing, hormones, music and saving the world from the nemesis known as Insectipids.

June’s adventure for older kids and young (and older) adults, Insectipids, is available in print and ebook formats fromInsectipids


Follow June:

Thanks so much for coming, it’s been a real pleasure. Oh, gallant Bro is going to help you back onto the magic carpet, don’t worry it knows the way. Just say “Go home” when you are safely off.

Thank you, Ailsa, Cameron and Lily. This has been a wonderful daytrip to France and the special transport you arranged for me is a new adventure for me – certainly beats the London Underground train I usually use!

What a lovely lady. Yes, Cam, she didn’t leave a mess either. Byeeeee! Come back soon.

6 thoughts on “Identified Flying Object

  1. Fab interview! Your style is lovely, and fun, Ailsa, and the interview informative. I’ll add my recommendation – this book is absolutely fabulous – and I have read it twice – once before publication , and once after – and I dare say I’ll be catching back up before reading the next one. This old YA can’t wait! 😉 Young adults, older kids, and YA of all ages will love Ben and his adventures.

  2. Oh lovely – so glad you are all enjoying the blog. We are very happy having so many lovely people come to visit. Guilty admission – have a copy of Insectipids but haven’t had time to read it

  3. Thanks for all the lovely posts – I thoroughly enjoyed my ‘visit’. Holly is a great little character – although she doesn’t appear in Insectipids. Maybe the next one…

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