Lizzie and Katie

Today I welcome another new writer with lovely Crooked Cat who publish me too. Coming in on the magic carpet is Lizzie Koch … Cameron go grab your “French waitress outfit”, you’ll be needed shortly!

Welcome, Lizzie! Now, I know you love cold drinks as you don’t drink tea or coffee and you’re partial to chocolate cake so while Cam puts on his pinny and goes to get those, you sit here and tell me about your work. Lily will keep you company but if you don’t like dogs just ask her to go away. She’s very obliging like that.

Although I’m a cat person, I don’t mind dogs now. All my friends seem to have them so I’ve got used to them sniffing around me. They seem to like me! She’s rather cute . . . sorry, if it’s cute and fluffy, I can’t help but fuss.

No, she is happy with cute AND fluffy but don’t give her chocolate, she’s fine with fuss! Right. Is this your first published book?

I’ve had a couple of short stories published in anthologies but The Adventures of Katie Button is my first published novel which I can’t stop grinning about! A full length novel, which after all the flash fiction, was an amazement! In fact, the idea for the novel was sparked by my first ever flash fiction piece for Five Sentence Fiction. I wrote the novel in 2012 for NanoWriMo but it took considerably longer to get to the point of submission!Untitled

Snap! My first book with CC was NanoWrite! I know – first book, huge smile! How long have you been writing? I presume like all of us you have always been a writer just waiting to launch off into space.

Actually, I gave up writing when I left school and didn’t give it a second thought. I always wanted to become a police officer (which I did for a while). It was by chance I started writing, back in 2010 at university when we were required to write a piece of fiction which sprung from a factual event. I sort of forgot about the essay and went off to write over 100,000 words (of drivel which will never see the light of day!) I then started a blog in 2012 as I now had the writing bug and missed uni terribly. I stumbled upon the flash fiction circuit which is full of amazing writers and wonderful friends and began my writing journey. So, a late comer to the party really. I wish I could say my dream was to become a writer but I really just fell into it. And still feel shy at being called ‘a writer’. Oh my gosh, this chocolate cake is amazingly moist! I must have the recipe!

Yes, Cam is the patissier. Police, eh? Both my parents were cops – they met in training school where Dad was her instructor! And I “fell into” writing too. Some of the best people do!

What is in the pipeline? More of the same genre or are you going to branch out?

I’m rather excited about Katie Button. I love her and the other characters so a sequel is in the works. I wrote a YA paranormal romance for NaNoWriMo in 2013 before the laptop broke and really do need to revisit it. I’ve been rather lazy on the flash fiction front recently but need to get back into it as it’s good for ideas and keeps me out of trouble. I seem to have a thing for horror at the moment but don’t think I could translate that into full length. I’m a fluffy, self proclained Disney Princess after all. So more romantic goings on from me should be expected.

Now a bit about you. Tell us where you live and what the household is like. Lily wants to know if you have pets.

IMG_20140907_131821Aww, Lily, so cute! Yes, I have a pet but he’s a cat, sorry Lily. We called him Indi after Indiana Jones as my son loved the new film at the time. Little did we know, Indi would be just as adventurous! I’ve lost count how many times he’s been carted off to the vets. Too many as when he now gets hurt, he stays away until he feels it’s safe to come home. He’s rather a chatterbox too (like me, as you can probably tell). But he’s cute company. I’m in a town called Uckfield in East Sussex where I work at one of the local primary schools. I live with my Hubby, Ralph and my (now 17yr old eeeekkk) son, Ethan, so the house is busy with all his friends coming and going. I don’t mind. I like a busy home, as long as it’s quiet when Downton Abbey is on. You can’t beat homemade cake! That was delicious, thank you!

Thanks, Cam, more… would be great! Lizzie, what are your dreams/aspirations?

My dream would be for Katie Button to become successful. By this, I mean where people are reading it and atually enjoying it and wanting more. I’m a bit nervous about my novel being out there and the reviews to come but that comes with the teritory I guess. The dream of becoming a published author – sorry – I can’t stop grinning and blushing over this- has already happened thanks to Crooked Cat so onwards and upwards. Life is good. The ink is far from drying up, so I guess, aspiring to write more and enjoy this incredible journey.

Finally let us have all your details, book outlets, contact, web page etc.

The Adventures of Katie Button will be available on Amazon and Smashwords from June 12th! My gosh! That’s less than three weeks away!!!! And the cover is purple! Purple! My favourite colour! I’m on facebook as Lizzie Kochand have an author page too:

My blog is where you’ll find my flash fiction.

Thanks so much for coming, it’s been a real pleasure.

Oh, thank you for having me at the Bingergread cottage!

Big hug! More than welcome! Here, let me help you back onto the magic carpet, don’t worry it knows the way. Just say “Go home” when you are safely off. Byeeeee!

8 thoughts on “Lizzie and Katie

  1. Congrats Lizzie! Indi is gorgeous – Sylvester is purring on my lap in bed as I write this, while his brother Sacha plots doom somewhere. Cats are fabulous, especially the ones with character, as Indi so obviously has.
    I’m a fellow Nano novelist too! In fact Pride and Regicide was a Nano ‘fail’ as I didn’t make the word count by the end of the month. We Nano Cats could all get together for a feature on that.
    Anyway! Lovely to ‘meet’ you and I hope that your book sells millions. I can just visualise the BBC children’s TV series of it…

    1. Love your cats already!!! Selling millions would be awesome. . . a kids TV series. . . I think the adult activity within the book may make it strictly for adults only. 🙂

      NanoCats!! I love the idea of that!!!

  2. Nice to meet Lizzie. I lived in Eastbourne and surrounding area for a few years when I first came to the UK and I recall visiting Uckfield but it was long ago. Best of luck with your book!

    1. Yay!!! Your beta read was awesome, Lisa. You really have a knack for fine tuning and noticing those little details that really make a difference. Katie wouldn’t be where she is now without you! Love you! xxx

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