A flying visit!

I’m so pleased that my pal Susannah Hutchinson could actually make it to visit today. She was so busy last time she only managed to get her answers to me. I sent the magic carpet and… yes, here it comes, over the camp-site, gently descending. No! Susannah, wait until it grounds before you try to get off! Let me help you. There – big hug. Hello! Tell us what you are up to.

Well hello again my dear friend. Thanks for having me back. I am so busy right now. My novel is doing well and I have been getting great feedback.

2015-04-10 08.02.25Where are you advertising?

Here, there and everywhere. I have been it two newspapers, TheYourlocalpaper and The Eastern Daily Express. I had a sound bite on our local radio station. I am also being featured in members news in The Writing, magazine. Also the Library and countless other places. It’s push, push, push.2015-03-31 08.15.10 (1)

I know, that is one of the hardest parts of being published, overcoming the “un-pushy, nicely-brought-up” feelings. Have you got into the shops yet and how did you do that?

Jarrold`s book shop in Norwich Norfolk are now selling my books. It was such a surreal feeling seeing my book sat on the bookshelf amongst top class authors like Mo Hayden. It is not easy though, you have to jump through so many hoops. When you think they have thousands of new authors a week all wanting space on their bookshelves. It’s notoriously hard to get anyone to take you on being a newbie, I think it’s all about the approach, it’s no good walking in to the shop and taking your book with you. You need to hit their manager/ top dog.2015-05-04 11.55.34

I think what swayed it for me was the fact I had a Hollywood actress who was born and bred in Norwich read out some chapters at my book launch, also the book is based in Norfolk, which fit their criteria.

That was a bit of luck, finding the actress! Well done, you.

2015-05-04 12.03.31 The next thing was book content, cover and blurb. He liked what he read and saw, so after negotiation, the deal was on. I think one thing I would say is sell yourself, but do not be too upfront or too laid back, in other words go about it in a professional manner. My book was not out at that point, so I kept the manager updated and when it came out, sent the information he requested. He keeps your books for three months. If no sales are made then he withdraws you from his shop. However, if he sells, he buys more. Fingers crossed people buy my book. If there is one bit of advice I could give before I shoot off, is… Keep trying and get yourself out there. Don’t rely upon social media alone.2015-05-04 12.05.51

That is great advice, Susannah. Social media is overcrowded with authors each trying to shout the others down, it becomes a Tower of Babel. You are doing so well to get yours into a local bookshop. Now just stop and have a cup of tea with me while I sort out this pile of photos you’ve brought me.

What – are you off already? OK well the carpet knows the route but do send it back, won’t you? Bye Susannah!

Anyway, must dash my dear thanks again for having me.

Phew! That was Susannah, I can’t keep up with that woman! Great news for her though. Anyone else for a doughnut? I bought some in specially!

2015-04-01 14.06.00

4 thoughts on “A flying visit!

  1. It’s great to see an author get into their local bookshop, it’s pretty great to find an author in the UK who still has a local bookshop. With so many publishing themselves via POD it’s very hard to risk buying copies and trying to get them put on shelves.She’s certainly gone about things the right way.
    Best of luck to her.
    xxx Huge Hugs to you Ailsa xxx

    1. So right! Full of admiration for such a determined gal. Hugs back and thanks for the re-blog Jenanita. I don’t have this quandry being outside UK. Don’t envy anyone trying, either x

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