Nice packaging …

I’m grateful to Elephant Meditation for this quotation:

See what I did there? I sourced this from its original and thanked the poster. I didn’t copy it from a friend’s page and just chuck it in my blog. I’m not certain that this particular friend would agree with what I am about to write so I don’t want her involved. This is common courtesy. I mention it because I share lots of fun stuff on my FB page which is for the amusement of my pals. It can be shared for the same purpose, preferably with my original note at the top.

What it is not meant to be for, is sharing to the open public as an advertisement. That is plain rude. I was particularly annoyed when a funny I posted was hi-jacked to advertise the “Beauty” industry which I do not support in any way whatsoever and with which I never wish to be associated. I wasn’t asked but the link is there, on my FB page for anyone to follow and assume that I agree with women spending fortunes to mutilate themselves to conform to a false “norm” that is unattainable. My views on the amount spent on weddings are my own but you may guess that I got married in jeans.

Why? The whole thing boils down to the piece on the left. I decided a long time ago that the packaging is not important. What is inside is the pressie. I’m a human being first. My gender is (in most cases) inconsequential. I will not allow anyone to dictate how I should look. I’ll conform to societal niceties on dress code when I have to but I won’t do away with what Nature gave me.

I am going to die. Anything that survives is the important bit of me. What is left is the bit that some people are exploiting to make money. Please understand. I’m not getting at the brain-washed who are paying, it is the ones cashing in on it who get my goat. Charging a mint to throw chemicals on bodies is questionable.  Advertising so that young people of both sexes are making themselves ill because they don’t conform to the invented “perfection” – GAAAAH!

Weddings? Well it’s up to them. I don’t believe in bankrupting folks who could better spend the money on something lasting but that is a personal opinion. My husbands would have done me under the Trades’ Descriptions Act if I’d turned up as anything other than my usual self – they were marrying ME, not some Hollywood lookalike Bimbo.

On my own FB page I advertise what I admire and believe in – animal charities, books, authors I know and love. Please don’t EVER link my name to anything without consulting me first.

Tea and cake, anyone? cupcakes

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