Friends and traffic fiascos!

Got to face it, I’m a country mouse. When I go to London, Badger hands me over to the Assistant Otter-Keeper, Spike who takes my hand to cross roads, ensures my shoelaces are done up and stops me running across to investigate sweetie or teddy-bear shops.

Today proved two things: 1) SatNav is way better than an out of date map which does not show one-way streets when driving in foreign cities.  2) While I have a flair for languages, I am completely useless with roads. Even as a pedestrian I can cause mayhem as I showed in Barcelona today when I used the crossing against the lights in the path of an on-coming cop on a scooter. I bowed and resisted the urge to shout “Ya big gurlie – get a proper bike” cos I didn’t know the expression in Spanish. Just as well, really. As it was he shouted at me rather a lot.

I have a problem with Spanish as most of the phrases I know come from Western movies. Not finding myself in any situation to say “Vamos, muchachos!” (although I live in hope) that one is shelved. There is an almost irresistible urge to sound like a Mexican bandit so even though I’m throwing in some Catalan words I still sound like something out of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (no prizes for guessing!)

It was worth it, though, because having used “Mrs. Gowhere” on my phone we arrived in good time to meet my Twitter and FB friend Olga.  I won’t tell you too much about this fascinating lady because she is well-worth a whole blog post to herself. Over coffee, she agreed to this along with having a fabulous natter so I was really grateful to her for taking time out of a very busy schedule to meet up.

The Barcelona Gang
The Barcelona Gang

Here we have Olga on the right, me doing “look no eyes” smile on the left and Badger sitting down wearing his Christmas hand-knit. It was such a wonderful time out and muchos gracias to the nice waiter who took the photo. There was more to the day but I’ll end on that lovely note of meeting an on-line friend and finding that she is just as charming and sweet in real life.  Here is Badger, reflecting that having a wife who has on-line mates is a bit of a bonus. 2015-04-18 10.16.41

13 thoughts on “Friends and traffic fiascos!

  1. OK, you can officially colour me jealous. Two of my favourite people meet up for coffee and I’m not there.
    Here’s me trying to be a social animal and learn to talk to people again and there’s you lot off gallivanting across the world having coffee. It’s not on people. Next time, you have to put a cup out for me in expectation of a visit and drink it for me if I don’t get there. Mind you, someone telling me where it will be will be half the battle.
    I’m glad the two of you managed such a natter and got on so well.
    Who says Social Sites don’t make real friends.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  2. Thanks so much Ailsa for this entry. I haven’t dared to check what my photo looked like as I took it without the glasses on, so who knows? It was great to meet you all and I think if we all got together we could keep talking forever. David, you’re always welcome. Thanks Sally, we must make the bloggers conference/party soon. And thanks for the reblogs!

  3. Reblogged this on Just Olga and commented:
    Here is Ailsa’s chronicle of our meeting. Thanks to her, badger and Lily for braving the traffic and getting to Barcelona. Great to catch up, talk about all things great and wonderful, and especially funny, and some plans for future chats and meets.

  4. Oh yes – International Blogger Bash! What a wonderful idea – your photo is great. I love doing this. Could plan a round the world trip meeting up with on-line pals xxx

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