MY lovely blog hop

My good friend Kim Walker tagged me to pick up the baton in this so first off I am going to thank her very much.

I have the choice of writing a few lines on any of these subjects : first memory, books, libraries/bookshops, what’s your passion, learning, writing.

Why I love Badger?

Some of these meld into each other so I’ll start with Books as that is one of my first memories and leads onto the other ones.  Beatrix Potter was my first passion and I received one of her wee books for Christmas and birthday until I had the whole set. From there I graduated to C.S. Lewis’ Narnia series and so onto Tolkein. I must have been about seven  years old when I first read the Hobbit. As less heavy material I devoured all the Biggles books which could be where Cameron Lawton’s books on military lads came from!

Talking animals , horses another passion!

This takes me to What is your passion? From my reading list you will have noticed that I live in a world of fantasy, talking animals and fighting for justice. This could explain my Shamanic path. I couldn’t have got here without the books I read as a child. My old feller, Badger, says I live in a world of my own (one you will know if you visit this blog regularly where Otter and her mates live in harmony) and to be honest, I rather prefer my world. My passions are animals and spirit. I don’t make any differentiation between HOW people express their spirituality but mine is all-encompassing.

I try to make the outside world more like mine but that is very hard work and generally I get sick of it and bugger off into a forest to have a chat with some trees who make far more sense if you only listen.

Obviously writing is one of my passions and you’ll see the same obsession coming through – my main characters are all spiritual (a famale shaman, a Wiccan priest etc) who fight together to rid the world of insatiable demons. Again, I could never have become an author if I hadn’t been such a bookworm as a kid. (Click on the bookcovers for their Amazon links)

Learning I didn’t get from books. That is genetic. My late father, bless him, spoke five languages fluently. Consequently I collect words while on holiday as other people collect costume dolls or T-shirts.

So now I’m going to pass the baton on to Vivienne Tufnell,  Mark Etheridge and Cathie Dunn.

Please link back to this post and choose your subjects from : first memory, books, libraries/bookshops, what’s your passion, learning, writing.

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